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Papa with Pizzazz: Father’s Day Gifts for the Fashionable Dad

the manuals essential fathers day gift guide 2017
Your essential Father’s Day gifts are here — fear not. He’s the toughest guy you know — and the toughest guy to shop for. And if you think Dad could use a little style upgrade — or if he’s a practiced menswear fan in need of a few seasonal items — we’ve got picks for every essential category, from a slim chambray shirt to clean chinos and an everyday watch. Oh, and sharp dress shoes — we’ve got those, too. Yes, our list of essential Father’s Day gifts is sure to please this season — happy shopping.

Dockers Premium Slim-Fit Chambray Shirt $68

Dockers Premium Slim-Fit Chambray Shirt

Don’t get Pops any old shirt this time around — reach for a classically cool, easily wearable and effortlessly stylish chambray shirt. Every guy should have a chambray shirt in his wardrobe, and that includes Dad, too. This one from Dockers dials in the fit and fabric. It’s a work week and weekend upgrade, without a doubt — and that’s as good a reason as any as to why it belongs on our list of essential Father’s Day gifts

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Dockers Alpha Stretch Khaki in Pembroke $68

Dockers Alpha Stretch Khaki in Pembroke

Most dads seem to be lacking when it comes to stylish trousers. The Dockers Alpha Stretch Khaki solves that problem quite nicely — these are a sharp pair of chinos made with stretch twill and that classic-yet-modern Dockers fit that dads – and regular guys — everywhere can benefit from.

Timex Waterbury Chronograph $135

Timex Waterbury Chronograph

Want a watch that’s equal parts stunning, rugged and affordable? The Timex Waterbury Chronograph is your answer, complete with a sleek all-black colorway and a tremendous price.

Allen Edmonds Liverpool Suede Chelsea Dress Boots $445

Allen Edmonds Liverpool Suede Chelsea Dress Boots

It’s not every day that you get the chance to gift something as stunning and well-made as a pair of Allen Edmonds dress boots — particularly the remarkable, handsome Liverpool Chelsea Boots. These will pair perfectly with those sleek Dockers chinos and slim chambray shirt (and you might be tempted to pick up a pair for yourself, too).

Electric Leadbelly Sunglasses $200

Electric Leadbelly Sunglasses

Top off Dad’s look with shades that scream retro cool and modern style — all at once. The Leadbelly, particularly in a classic shade of tortoiseshell, calls to mind shades that Pops might’ve even worn “back in the day” — and in this case, that’s very cool indeed.

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