SXSW Packing Essentials

It’s about that time to head down to America’s favorite music throw down, SXSW. The event involves a lot of running around, food trucks and most likely a hot down and dirty dance-a-thon. To be sure you have what you need, The Manual has provided some essentials we bring to make the trip a breeze and of course make us look good.

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Wolverine’s Orville in Blue

Known for their superior work and outdoor boots, Wolverine has recently launched the No.1883 line. This desert boot is the perfect kick to run around Austin in since it is stylish yet has that Wolverine durability.

Prism Copenhagen Sunglasses

Prism has been the talk of every cool town for the last couple of seasons so it’s time to start the buzz in Austin. Hand crafted in Italy they feature graded brown lenses with 100% UV protection, much needed in the Texas sun.

Dockers Alpha Khaki in Dark Pebble

The Alpha is Dockers golden pant. The slim fit, 100% cotton pant has revived the brand and is a favorite nation wide. They are comfortable enough to wear for days at a time (we know this will happen at SXSW, party man) and dark enough to hide the dust, beer stains and general festival wear and tear.

Goorins Blues Straw Hat

There is most likely major sun and heat during your sojourn South so to avoid a harsh burn and possible overheating bring along this crushable ribbon straw Fedora. The wider brim is necessary for that Texas sun.

Amico Blue Alloy Mini LED Flashlight

There are countless reasons to bring a flashlight on any trip but especially a festival as busy as this one. You never know when you may need to ‘find a contact’ at a concert, read a karaoke list, sneak out of a hotel room or dig deep in your bag for an ID. Just bring it, you will thank us.

Platypus Platy Bottle

For various reasons we are not getting into, you will need mucho hydration from the flight to the drive to the nights out to the mornings after. This collapsable 100% BPA and taste free bottle can be rolled up into your duffle or even your coat pocket.

Fjällräven Duffle

Heavy zippers, reinforced bottom and outside pockets make this Swedish duffle the perfect carry on to bring along. The heavy waxed G-1000 fabric can standup to the elements and a wild road trip if such things ensue.

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