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Anglo-Swedish watchmaker Larsson & Jennings opens U.S. flagship

larssen & jennings
Larsson & Jennings, the London-based watch label, combines Swedish design with Swiss precision. The in-house design team partners with Swiss manufactures to ensure quality with each watched. The leather is sourced locally from Anglo-Swedish tanneries, and combined with hand-finished metals for premium detailing. Currently, Larsson & Jennings is stocked in over 100 luxury retailers around the world, and this summer, Larsson & Jennings opened its first American flagship store at 355 Bleecker Street in New York’s West Village.

Inside Larsson & Jennings's first U.S. flagship store in New York
Inside Larsson & Jennings’s first U.S. flagship store in New York

Larsson & Jennings’s West Village location features 470-square-feet of retail space, and carries the label’s complete collection. The brand tapped the London-based design consultancy Studio Mills to design the interiors. The designers looked towards both  the charming neighborhood’s cultural history, along with its architectural legacy. White terracotta, the same material of the exterior of the nearby Our Lady of Pompeii Church, is used in the glazed white bricks located at the rear of the store. The studio juxtaposed polished concrete against white stucco walls to further use the materials that are prevalent in the West Village. The German brand e15 provided the feature lighting and furniture, including the iconic Jean stool, as well as the North pendant and floor light, as well as the suspended Span lighting. Customers are invited to take a seat on the Douglas fir chairs spread throughout.

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At the back of the store is an interactive area where customers are encouraged to get to know the brand better. Discover LJX, Larsson & Jennings’s bespoke personalization service, as well as a fika bar, where visitors can partake in one of Sweden’s most popular rituals — enjoying a cup of coffee prepared by the barista-trained Larsson & Jennings staff. A projector shows off the brand’s latest campaigns so that customers will be immersed in every aspect of the brand.

“Opening a physical touchpoint in the U.S. to follow our existing London flagship is an exciting step for us, as we launched just four years ago as an ecommerce-only business,” says Larsson & Jennings CEO, Andrew Jennings. “Expanding into the U.S. has always been an ambition of ours and we’re excited to literally put ourselves on the map with our Bleecker Street store.”

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TGIF shopping: Askov Finlayson opens flagship location
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Men’s apparel brand Askov Finlayson is celebrating the opening of their new flagship location at their home base of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
The new space–located adjacent to their current home–offers double the square footage, all the proof needed to showcase AF’s tremendous growth over the past four years. Alongside their expanded collection of products, they also offers an assortment of local, American, and global brands.
"It's exciting to see the brand come to life as a physical environment,” says Eric Dayton, who co-founded AF with his brother, Andrew, in 2011. “Everything from the color of the millwork to the small brass detailing in the floor looks and feels like us. We'll be creating a coffee and sandwich shop in the old space that will open this fall, and the courtyard will provide cafe seating during the day. And then we're retrofitting an old Airstream trailer that will go into the back of the outdoor area next spring. In the evenings, the trailer's hatch will pop open and the courtyard will transform into a beer garden. I love the blending of the indoor and outdoor spaces and it will be fun to see the way the café, beer garden, and store all interact together.”
Additionally, the store will feature Warby Parker at Askov Finlayson (their first retail presence in Minnesota), a 250-square-foot showroom offering the brand’s full collection of frames.
“I met the Warby Parker founders through a mutual friend when they were MBA students at Wharton and I was at Stanford Business School,” says Dayton. “We had talked about a Minneapolis partnership early on, but Askov Finlayson’s previous space was too small for any kind of shop-in-shop. [Warby Parker co-founder and co-CEO] Neil Blumenthal brought the idea back up about a year ago, just as we were considering expanding. The timing was perfect and Warby Parker fits beautifully into the new store."
In addition to the new store, AF also recently introduced shorts and swim trunks. “Manual readers will love the cadet/navy two-tone color combination; it's my favorite. I'm also really excited about the new colors that Frost River did just for our store. They've become famous for making all their products in only one color: field tan. And so for the first time their great bags are available through us in navy blue, forest green, and a really nice medium grey.”
Be sure to check out Askov Finlayson’s new flagship store at 204 North 1st Street in Minneapolis or shop online here.

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The Manual Wind: Breitling Emergency II Now Available in the U.S.
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When you think watch technology what comes to mind is reduced friction, smaller parts, exotic, materials, and thinner watches.  One brand that embraced a more traditional definition of technology is Breitling.  In 1995, Brieitling introduced a true pilots companion; the Breitling Emergency.  A multifunction quartz watch in Titainum, the piece had an added element of safety never seen before.  Inside this layered movement was an S.O.S. transmitting antenna that once engaged acted as another line of emergency communication. When this frequency transmitted, if heard, help was on the way.

Having helped rescue many wearers of the watch, Breitling decided it was time for an upgrade.  The Breitling Emergency II is the first timepiece to have a dual frequency locator beacon.  Where the original Emergency transmitted at 121.5 Mhz; the international air distress frequency. The Emergency II, with microtechnology designed in conjunction with the aerospace industry, now also offers an antenna transmitting at 406Mhz.  This is a digital signal reaching out to the international Cospas-Sarsat system which integrates with a series of satellites for more accurate signal positioning.  This lifesaving timepiece was able to meet all of the stringent requirements of the Cospas-Sarsat system including being able to transmit for 24 hours and in extreme temperatures. Although this piece was announced to the world in 2013, with has taken until now to gain the right to be sold in the United States.  Due its size, much smaller than other beacons, the FCC had to be convinced that the device could work properly and accurately in tough conditions.

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