Style Tips On Men’s Jewelry from George Frost

Dudes get a little weirded out about jewelry sometimes. Not that we don’t wear it, we just aren’t sure how much is too much. Earrings? Ankle bracelet? Five necklaces or one?

We spoke to our buddy Marlon Taylor-Wiles, co-founder of George Frost to talk us through his thoughts on man bling:

Fellas- Wear.  More.  Jewelry… Not all at once, but just get more.  You deserve it.  You deserve to add some accents to your overall dress code or even just to up your status quo.

Currently, there is a big boom in the realm of men’s jewelry, but let’s not call it a trend.  Men – from kings to chiefs, from rappers to rockers have been adorning themselves for centuries.  But with fashion moving at such a high speed, men are really embracing jewelry now.  We all live in a world where there are no fashion rules, but guidelines can be helpful.

A few tips:

1. Be confident. That’s the only way you can branch out of your comfort zone.

2. Stay away from belly button rings, toe rings and chokers, but hey, to each his own – no judgment.

3. You can never go wrong with a signet ring.  Signets can be worn on your pinky or right ring finger.  Get your initials engraved in one and start your own family tradition.

4. Earrings are cool. I would say stick to studs of some sort.  Dangly earrings are no bueno.  Also, gauges are nice, but realize your ear lobes will not be happy when you’ve decided you don’t like them anymore.

5. One chain, two chain, ok, enough chains.  Stick to two max on any shirt without a collar.  For a more stylized look, if the necklace has pendants, make one slightly longer than the other.  If you are going to wear religious pendants, make sure you understand or engage in that religion before just throwing the symbol on.  You don’t want to be that guy who’s an atheist, wearing a Catholic cross.

6. Beaded bracelets are perfect for adding pops of color to your look. But beware of the arm party. Chill! You have 365 days in the year to wear all your bracelets.  I prefer to stick to a max of three bracelets on one arm.  I have noticed that our European brothers have seemed to conquer the idea of the arm party and go balls to the wall.  Not my thing, but damn do they nail it.  You know why? Refer to the first tip.

7. I’m from the Southside of Houston, Texas so gold teeth will always be acceptable to me. Even when I want to cringe when I see Katy Perry and Madonna with them.

8. Your skin turning slightly green is not always bad.  Each person reacts differently to different metals; you aren’t going to die.

9. The metal cuff is the overall perfect accessory.  Clean and simple, or even a cuff with a cool design element or stone, this piece is a go-to for any occasion.

10. I don’t care what anyone says- Anklets are cool; as long as they are not metal or a thick piece of fabric. A thin piece of colored thread works perfectly in the summer when socks are left behind.

11. Last but not least, George Frost is now your jeweler.

All jewelry images courtesy of George Frost.