Country Music Newcomer Clayton Anderson on Getting Girls and His Personal Style

The Manual spoke with country music newcomer Clayton Anderson on his budding career and personal style.

I’m originally from Bedford, a small town in southern Indiana. It was a great place to grow up – everybody knew everybody. We are the limestone capital of the world and the Empire State Building literally came from my backyard.

I’ve been living in Nashville now for four years, chasing that country music dream. I’ve always loved music, but didn’t pick up playing it until college; yep you guessed it – to get girls. We were a crappy cover band throughout my time at Indiana University but nobody had more fun than we did. I won a contest Kenny Chesney put on and got to open up for him in Cincinnati, Ohio, back in 2008 and from that point I decided I wanted to pursue music as a career.

I’ve been blessed to have the best family, friends and fans a person could ask for. They’ve helped me establish my career around two self-released albums and I couldn’t be more excited for ‪November 25th to release our next EP called “Only To Borrow.” It’s by far the most excited I’ve been to release new music. Can’t wait for you to hear it!

As for my personal style:

Jeans: Finding jeans that fit me has always been a challenge since I’m so tall. I hate jeans that you can’t be a little active in. I like ’em to stretch a little. I stumbled across this brand 3×1 and haven’t looked back since.

Shirts: I’ve always been a t-shirt kinda guy and my go-to is the Groceries Apparel pocket tee.

Pants: When I’m not in jeans, it’s probably sweats or shorts. No brand loyalty, it’s just all about the comfort.

Suits: Hugo Boss has always fit me the best. I love a great slim fit and prefer deep gray or navy. For me, it’s all about the texture of the suit.

Shoes: I wear boots and sneakers. I used to try to wear cowboy boots but then thought, “who am I kidding?” I’m Midwestern and come from a good work boot background. I’ve had a great pair of Bed Stu boots that I’ve resoled three times. Unfortunately, they don’t make that exact boot anymore so I’m fighting to keep ’em in good shape.

Accessories: I’ve never thought of myself as real cool so my bling has been non-existent except for a few charity wristbands. For about a year now, I’ve not taken off my Love Your Melon wristbandLove Your Melon is a great charity helping kids with cancer.

Outerwear: Usually, the fall bums me out ’cause I’m all about summer but thanks to Sportiqe I’ve loved being able to wear this awesome buffalo hoodie.

Favorite cologne: I can’t be giving my smell good secrets away… It’s like a secret weapon.

Favorite app: Waze because I can’t stand sitting in traffic and I tend to have a heavy foot.

Favorite piece of technology: Whether its saving song ideas or connecting with fans on social media, I wouldn’t be able to survive without my iPhone.

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