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Ralph Lauren sale: Save on Polo sweaters, t-shirts, and more

Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt on model.
Ralph Lauren

Between sweltering heat and changing fashion, it’s time to pick up clothing again. Of course, just as temperatures have gone up, so have prices. Luckily, Ralph Lauren — one of the best clothing brands for men — is here to help us out with a big sale, happening right now. Their sale items, which can be seen if you tap the button below, number into the hundreds. There are polo shirts, shorts, hoodies, suits, sweats, and more. I’m seeing high-dollar items at a cool $90 off, shirts and hoodies with high-quality fabric at $40 to $70 off, and still other items at ~50% off. In reality, there is too much on sale to calculate the average deal. What is apparent, is that each deal is significant. This isn’t a “take $5 off and call it a sale” affair. These are real deal numbers, available to you if you tap the button below.

Why you should shop the Ralph Lauren Sale

Whether you want the four-step Ralph Lauren look or just need to pick up a singular item, this sale likely has you covered. There’s a ton of variety in the several hundred items on sale. However, there are still some trends to look at, with hoodies, colorful tropical styles, sportswear, and suits being the top categories covered.

The hoodies, which often feature Ralph Lauren’s iconic ‘Preppy Bear’ are obvious for a summer sale. They’re equally obvious to pick up if you’re about to head to Australia or New Zealand, where it is currently winter. Boldly bright, colorful — and often offering tropical motif — shorts and tees are aplenty as well, making you feel like you’ve already got a sweet summer mango cocktail right in your hand. Polo Sport style track pants, hoodies, and shorts are to be found throughout the sale as well, featuring a more traditional color palette. The suits, which are very classic, can be up to several hundred dollars off, plenty to give you the extra money to get the perfect shoes for them.

So, to take advantage of these deals, tap the button below. You’ll find a ton of men’s clothing (even some pieces not described here) with at least something sure to pick up your interests. We’re not sure when the sale will end, but we are sure it is a great way to save $30, $60, or even hundreds of dollars.

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