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Parks Project Fleeces: Stay Warm, Save Parks

yosemite national park parks project
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We’ve talked about them before: Parks Project makes clothes that highlight artists and benefit our national parks.

It seems only fitting that they would launch a line of terribly cool fleeces in time for the fall/winter months. Pick out your favorite below and get out into those parks! Or, you know, wear one in the comfort of your home and support the parks from afar.parks project joshua tree fleece

Their Joshua Tree hoodie is perfect for layering: made of cotton with about 10 percent poly fleece, this is something you’ll no doubt live in. The hoodie is made here in the US and, unsurprisingly, benefits Joshua Tree National Park in California, which is a tad larger than the entire state of Rhode Island. That is a lot of land to care for. It’s a popular spot for camping, hiking, and stargazing, and is home to the distinctive Joshua trees, which are quite picky about where they live. Many are stressed by changing weather patterns and human interference, which is where your new Joshua Tree hoodie comes in! For every five sold, the Parks Project supports the planting of two, read ‘em two, more Joshua trees.Yosemite <a href=national parks project sweatshirt" width="800" height="1500" />

Yosemite National Park, fittingly, gets a particularly awesome sweatshirt— it’s got a retro, highly graphic feel to it. Also in California, Yosemite is one of the most important parks in the system, partly because it was instrumental in developing the idea of national parks in the first place. It also lays claim to some of the most stunning natural vistas in the United States. President Lincoln signed the original land grant for it in 1864, which was later expanded by John Muir into the expansive park we now know and love. It’s so massive that it contains five vegetation zones (woodland, lower montane forest, upper montane forests, subalpine zone, and alpine) and is home to 20 percent of California’s entire plant species. People love to hike, climb, bike, and even snowshoe in the park. So, its sweatshirt is definitely one to wear with pride: made in the US, it benefits the Yosemite Conservancy, which helps protect the park and its wildlife, update trails, and a myriad other important things.

There are a number of other parks to choose from, so it’s easy to support the areas near and dear to your heart. Looking cool and being warm has never been this helpful.

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