The strata-focused Layer Leather brings the stadium to your wrist


Everyone has heard of Casio and Rolex — the two are mainstays in the watch industry, with roots dating as far back as the early 1900s. Minus-8 certainly isn’t in the same boat, however, the company’s lack of history doesn’t necessarily translate to a lack of knowledge. The San Francisco-based watchmaker has spent more than a year developing the aptly-titled Layer Leather ($498), a timepiece that serves as the well-deserved cornerstone of the company’s latest collection of watches.

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Minus-8Minus-8’s approach to the Layer Leather isn’t unique, but it is effective. The company wanted to build a watch that captured its futuristic, industrial aesthetic, while incorporating the well-established hallmarks of traditional watch design. The result is an attractive timepiece that’s reliant on individually layered strata and a slew of simple color combinations — it’s available in black or silver, with either a touch of blue or green — that only go to compliment the six layers of 316L bonded steel. The step-like, stadium design flows from the exterior to the interior, offering an air of elegance without compromising your view of the watch face or the overall usability of the watch itself.

While design aesthetics are key, the construction components are just as important. The Layer Leather comes outfitted with a host of blue-ribbon materials, including a sapphire display and a vegetable-tanned leather strap that’s designed to go hand-in-hand with the stainless steel buckle and comfortable suede backing. Accurate Japanese movements, 40+ hours of power reserve, and a PVD-coated rings round out the appeal, helping to prevent corrosion and ensuring the utmost precision while on your wrist. The fact that you can even view the balance wheel’s oscillations through the translucent interface on the back just makes the flawless design that much more apparent.

Check out Minus-8 online to make a purchase, for more information, or to simply browse the company’s terrific selection of modern timepieces.