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7 Incredible Reasons Why Guys Should Wear Speedos, From Form to Function

Why You Should Rock This Unfairly Maligned Piece of Swimwear

A guy lying on a floaty in a pool

You’ve worked hard on your body all offseason, and now that the weather’s hot and the water’s cool, it’s time to show off the body you earned with all that effort. So what’ll it be? Board shorts? Swim trunks? Allow us to present the case for the often ridiculed — but never eliminated — Speedo. Okay, so maybe you’re a little bit apprehensive about that one. We get it: They’re not for everyone. When Speedos come to folks’ minds, they usually either imagine pot-bellied older guys at nude beaches or professional muscle men posing at competitions.

But we’re here to dispel these myths and encourage all of you to take a second look at the most misunderstood swimsuits of all and to lay out our reasons why every guy should have at least one pair in his swimwear collection. Here are our top reasons guys should wear Speedos.

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They’re Flattering

Man in a Speedo at the edge of the water

What is the point of working on yourself and taking care of your body if you can’t show it off? Well, besides the obvious health benefits, we mean. But if you’ve been putting in the work to not only feel good but to look good too, why cover up all that effort? You may be thinking that you have to sport a rock-hard six-pack to pull off a Speedo, but in reality, Speedos flatter almost all body types. Why? In most cases, they’re less constricting than tighter swim trunks or shorts, so they don’t pinch the skin or create a “muffin top” look. Yes, you’re technically exposing more skin, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re exposing more flaws; a Speedo could help de-accentuate spots you consider to be problem areas! 

They’re Stylish

Man in a Speedo with hands on hips

Being a stylish man involves making a statement, and a Speedo does just that. They often come in fun patterns and bold colors, bringing a dash of fashion to any poolside outfit. Plus, they’re always going to look trendier than board shorts or more traditional swim trunks simply because of their crisp and snug silhouette, making them perfect for the beach or the pool. 

They’re Edgy

Speaking of making a statement, there’s no better way to stand out on a crowded beach than by wearing a Speedo. The confidence it takes to slip into these skimpy briefs speaks volumes about the person wearing them. It says you’re self-assured. It tells people you’re secure, sexy, and playful. Sure, all eyes will probably be on you, but in a good way. So don’t forget to include Speedos on your beach gear list.

They’re Comfortable

Like any item of menswear, the fit is essential for comfort. As long as you get the proper cut for your body, we think you’ll find that swim briefs are more efficient and enjoyable to swim in than traditional trunks. Swimming and frolicking in the ocean waves are effortless without all that extra fabric getting in the way. Speedos also dry a lot faster than other swimsuits, which makes for an altogether more comfortable experience once you’re out of the water.

They’re Cheeky

It’s high time that men embrace themselves. Guys, owning your body and loving your physical appearance is important. You work hard; you’re allowed to enjoy and embrace your best physical attributes. Wearing a Speedo will enable you to own your body and live free from constraints.

Man wearing a Speedo and getting out of the water

They’re Packable

Speedos are also super packable. They take up virtually no space in your favorite backpack, allowing you to travel light on your way to the beach. They’re also the perfect item to put in your hiking pack for that unexpected dip into any cenote or waterfall you come across. If you have to pack your Speedos away wet, you can rest assured that they won’t be too cumbersome once you change back into your dry clothes. Nobody likes carrying a damp pair of shorts in an already heavy pack.

They’re Fun

Truthfully, Speedos are just plain fun. They turn heads. They start conversations. They make you feel confident. Different. Unique. Sure, they’re a little outlandish and unexpected, but that’s all part of their magic. In a world where every other guy will wear the same boring board shorts, be the dude who stands proudly on the beach rocking that Speedo.

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