Eat Your Meat & Wear It Too

marlow goods

If you live in Brooklyn or are at least a little bit savvy to the NYC borough’s dining establishments, you’ve probably heard of the Marlow & Sons family. With four restaurants – Marlow & Sons, Diner, Roman’s and Reynard in the Wythe Hotel – and the all-grass fed butcher shop Marlow & Daughters, you could consider them a small empire. And because we love when the worlds of food and fashion collide, we were ecstatic to discover the wearable addition to the family, Marlow Goods.

With sustainability always at the top of mind, Marlow & Daughters receives a weekly shipment of grass-fed cows, pigs, goats, lambs, ducks, geese, chickens and rabbits from farms in New England, upstate New York and Pennsylvania to be broken down and sent to their restaurants. But what was the one element missing from the sustainability equation? Marlow had no use for the animal hides. But after 10 years of dreaming about a leather goods brand, Marlow Goods was finally born.

An upstate New York tannery custom tans the hides of cows and pigs served in their Brooklyn restaurants. To expand the line, they began purchasing wool from the lambs and ewes to make warm and stylish blankets, sweaters and rugs. And everything is made within a three hour drive of NYC. Now that is some fashion we can seriously stand behind.

Shop for Marlow Goods’ fantastic leather bags and accessories, wooly alpaca wear and other Marlow branded products at Brooklyn restaurant Marlow & Sons and online at