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Lodge Goods — Accessories & Grooming Done Right

Getting their name from an 1840-built lodge in Springtown, Pennsylvania, Lodge Goods has traveled the world over, and what they discovered is that many of the best brands are right here in America.  They’re focused on accessories (and whiskey), and by working with designers, craftsmen, artists and artisans, they’re able give their unique perspective to guys across the U.S. and around the world.  The mission: to find the coolest American-made accessories and grooming products for guys.  Ranging from wallets and work/weekend bags to ties and pocket squares, and so much more.  Lodge Goods offers some pretty awesome brands to guys who want to live a more curated life such as Ivy Prepster, Baxter of California, Kletterwerks and Filson.

The Manual met for coffee with Chad Beightol, the founder and president, and former corporate fashion executive, and asked him a few questions.

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What year did you establish Lodge Goods? 

We opened The Lodge earlier this year. The idea for our shop has been developing for a couple of years as my personal style and that of my friends has evolved into something more grown up.  We named it The Lodge as it represents the good things in life to us- travel, adventure, whiskey, great cars, and style.

What was it that made accessories your focus? 

I think a great way for a guy to add some confidence to his look is through accessories. A cool knit tie, a handsome briefcase, colorful socks, a sharp scarf, a bit of personality in the pocket with a square- all of these things let a guy personalize his style. So we’ve chosen to focus on accessories, as well as great grooming products from our favorite brands.

What is it about ‘Made in America’ that resonated with you?

I’ve always liked cool style and well-made things. After lots of international travel for my corporate jobs, I realized the quality and style of products made by craftsmen in America was under-appreciated here at home.  I wanted to do something that would benefit our country and help the great people who still make things here live their American dream. Through The Lodge, I’ve had the great fortune to meet talented artists and craftsmen who make the products that we offer in our shop.  So we’ve made that our focus, with some exceptions. When you buy American, you’re creating jobs here, and at The Lodge you can look great while supporting our economy.

Is there a brick & mortar Lodge Goods in your future?

We love meeting our customers, which is somewhat difficult through our e-commerce model.  Pop-up shops are in our plans and a permanent shop location is a potential.

Check out for some truly baller grooming products and accessories.

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