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Leatherman’s Beloved Multi-Tool, the Signal, Just Got 3 Bold Color Options

Dang. Just when you thought you knew what you were giving your dad for Father’s Day.

Cancel your fancy brunch plans. Return the tie, the cufflinks, and the bestseller you know he’ll never read. Portland heritage tool company Leatherman just came out with the perfect Father’s Day gift: A flashy new update on their crowd favorite multipurpose tool The Signal.

Ever since its debut in 2015, the Leatherman Signal has been the embodiment of the classic dad admonition to “always be prepared.” Whether you’re backpacking through the Grand Tetons or waiting for the G train on a Sunday afternoon, keeping The Signal in your pocket equips you to turn any mishap into an adventure.

At just 4.5 inches long and 7.5 ounces in weight, its compact size belies the versatility of the 19 different tools that unfold from its steel frame. Along with the features you’d expect such as a knife blade, needle-nose pliers, saw and bottle opener, the Leatherman Signal includes handy implements such as a hammer, wire cutters, a diamond-coated sharpener, a fire-starting Ferro rod, and even a safety whistle. But what’s really noteworthy is the new series of colorways that The Signal comes in. These three distinctive colors sweeten the deal for those who may not self-identify as multipurpose tool users with an aesthetic expression of personality, color, and style.

It might seem overly simple, but the numbers speak for themselves. Leatherman’s Instagram post introducing the new Signal colorways received more audience engagement than any other post in company history.

Leatherman Signal Multi-Tool

The new Signal color options are more than just a go-to dad gift. They’re a way to get to know your old man a little better. If your dad’s an outdoorsy or “git ‘er done” type (the type who probably already carries the Signal in his back pocket), these new colors encourage a form of self-expression that can reveal aspects of his personality you never knew. And if your dad happens not to subscribe to stereotypical paternal norms (i.e., a fashion hound, an academic recluse, a perceptive synesthete), the new Signal colors are a natural way to empower him with confidence and can-do spirit.

So go ahead and order one for dad, he’ll appreciate it. And while you’re at it, you might as well grab one for yourself. But if The Signal isn’t your bag as far as multi-tools go, check out all these other great options.

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