Keep your kicks fresh with the Sneaker Cleaning Kit

Sneaker cleaning kit

At The Manual, we love a good pair of sneakers, and many of us collect them.

We can’t tell you just how good it feels when we’re walking down the street in a fresh pair of kicks. They can do one of two things, they can either complete the outfit, or they make the outfit. But with the grimy sidewalks and strange situations we find ourselves in (yes we’ve gone to music festivals where we’ve had to waddle through muddy fields), keeping our sneakers looking like they just came out of the box can be a challenge. And when you own Stan Smiths, Air Jordans, Yeezys and Vans, you want your sneakers to look just as fresh as they did when they were purchased.

Sure, a toothbrush and soap did the trick before, but being that technology has come way past that, there surely must be a new method to keep sneakers clean, we’ve been thinking. We were walking around Paris a few weeks ago when we found it! The aptly labeled Sneaker Cleaning Kit by Men’s Society comes with everything you need to keep your kicks looking pristine packaged in one case. There’s two bottles of the magical Sneaker Cleaning Fluid, a suede and canvas cleaning brush, and instructions just so you know exactly how to make it happen. The Sneaker Cleaning Fluid is made with all the ingredients your sneakers need to stay nice: Aqua, jojoba oil, coconut oil, polysorbate and Vitamin E.

The Sneaker Cleaning Kit works on all kinds of shoes, so it doesn’t matter whether they’re made from suede, leather, or canvas. Simply pour some of that Sneaker Cleaning Fluid on your shoes, then use the cleaning brush to wipe all that disgusting, unsightly dirt off your shoes. Add a little love and care, and voila — there you have it, a fresh pair of kicks so you can go out and battle the world, or your office. So look no further, the Sneaker Cleaning Kit.

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