Just for Kicks: Introducing the Bab from Greats

If you haven’t already caught wind of the up-and-coming Brooklyn-based footwear company Greats, it’s time you took notice. The company has been absolutely killing it lately with it’s Warby Parker-eqsue direct-to-consumer business model and line of high-quality kicks.

Fresh off a major infusion of capital a couple months ago, they’ve just released a new sneaker. The Bab –shamelessly named after founder Ryan Babenzian– is a light and low-impact shoe inspired by the silhouette of footwear designed for runners.

The upper layer of mesh hyperfused with nubuck gives the shoes a super light, airy, and breathable feel — perfect for warm weather styling. Even the insole (something that’s often overlooked by other shoe manufacturers) is designed with a lightweight honeycomb structure to keep the shoe feather light, but also extremely comfortable to wear.

Then there’s the outsole — the foundation of the shoe. Greats designed the Bab’s outsole with a specially-engineered polymer compound that’s not only insanely light, but also extremely flexible, stress-crack resistant, and durable.

These guys spare no expense when it comes to the materials their shoes are made with. But despite the fact that they make a point of not cutting corners during the manufacturing process, Greats shoes are still rather affordable — thanks largely to their direct-to-consumer model that cuts out the middleman and circumvents any retail markups. A pair of Babs currently sells for $59, and comes in your choice of white, black, or red.

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