A Little Lift from Insolito Terra Shoes

It’s rare that a guy short in stature would shy away from adding a couple of inches to his height. But clearly anything that makes it look like we are trying to be taller is a serious no-no. That is why Eddie Lee founded Insolito Terra, a new luxury shoe brand offering up a line of beautifully made shoes with 2.6 inches of extra height, acquired through inconspicuous construction.

Designed in Milan the line (Insolito Terra translates to Uncommon Ground) is made of fine Italian leathers in black, brown and cognac. It comes in a variety of classic styles (minus the square toe loafer, please don’t) so men trying to look a little taller finally have a line that doesn’t look like they belong in Lady Gaga’s closet.

Height isn’t the only added bonus to this handsome range. Lee also created Acupressure Insole Technology (AIT) that reduces pain in the back, neck, shoulders, hips, muscles and joints. It is based on the Chinese theory of meridian (the channel in which energy travels) as well as foot reflexology. The insoles stimulate acupressure points on the soles of the feet so as you walk you will feel the effects.

If you aren’t concerned about your height but would still like a more comfortable kick, Insolito has a second line that doesn’t include the elevation, only the AIT insole. Best of both worlds.

And you know we love socially conscious brands. Insolito donates 1% of their gross sales to the SickKids Foundation. Go on, order up and let us know what you think.

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