Idris Elba Debuts New 2HR SET Fashion Line Inspired By DJ Culture

As an actor, writer, director, DJ, producer, singer — you name it, he’s likely done it — Idris Elba is no newcomer to the world of high fashion. Elba has, however, finally debuted his new fashion line, 2HR SET, a unisex fashion collection inspired by Elba’s passion and history for DJ culture.

idris elba debuts new 2hr set fashion line inspired by dj culture models 2 hr

Elba has been immersed in music and DJ culture since he was a young man growing up in London’s East End. Although he’s gathered a reputation as an award-winning actor, his persistence in producing music and deejaying over the years has taken him as far as a two-hour, nighttime house set in the Yuma Tent at Coachella in 2019.

After his initial soft launch, Drop 1, sold out last year in the U.K., Elba officially released Drop 2 in his 2HR SET collection worldwide. Elba has taken the well-known idea of a “two-hour set” in DJ culture and applied its innate testing ability to other aspects in his life.

“A two-hour set is the acid test for a DJ,” said Elba. “But for me, I’ve taken this idea a step further. Whether I’m behind the decks on stage, in the gym, or studying a new script, I’ll give myself two hours and really get stuff done. It’s my window to go for it, get it done, and get it done well.”

It’s an inspiring approach to the daily grind. Two hours gives you just enough time to make meaningful progress in an area, but it’s also not too long to the point where you get burnt out or uninterested. This idea is well-represented in Elba’s 2HR SET fashion line, as it boasts a sense of thoughtful and meticulous street-ready minimalism that’s captivating, stylish, and most importantly, personal.

Dubbed Drop 2, this 2HR SET collection features everything from tees and sweatshirts to hoodies and joggers, all of which are offered in an array of different colors and designs to match your fancy. Here are some of our favorites pieces from Elba’s newest creations.

FatBoy Slim x 2HR SET Sweatshirt – $82

Elba collaborated with another legendary DJ on one of the 2HR SET designs. This Back-to-Back inspired design was curated by Elba and FatBoy Slim, resulting in a tic-tac-toe layout with each artists’ respective logos situated randomly in each box. The design is a visual representation of what you’re likely to experience at a B2B DJ set, one where two DJs take turns on the turntable in unpredictable fashion. This design is offered in three different colors in the crew neck style, three colors on tees ($49), and as a hoodie in white ($92).

Chequered Print Hoodie – $87

Offered in three street-ready colorways, the checkered print hoodie is a fan favorite in 2HR SET’s collection. Its simplicity allows it to be worn everywhere from the house to a night out at the club, and its cotton-polyester fabric is as comfortable as it gets when it comes to hoodies. The design also boasts a micro carbon vinyl print on the front chest and a large back logo. The carbon print design is also available as a t-shirt ($44), too.

Tie Dye Box Logo Tee – $44

No matter how you feel about tie dye designs, this particular 2HR SET creation boasts beautiful blue hues that are executed in a way that is not jarring or childish. In fact, it’s quite a versatile and simplistic play on the tie dye design. The tie dye box tee is extremely comfortable, offering a crew neck style and a 100% cotton construction, with a white 2HR SET logo laid right in the middle.

It’s safe to say that the man can do anything. Idris Elba’s 2HR SET fashion collection is sold direct-to-consumer on the company’s .

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