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Fitting In: Trumaker Makes Custom Easy

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When you are investing in a good suit, or even a good pair of jeans, the most important factor is how well it fits. While most of us don’t have the time or the money to customize all of our suits, a new company is allowing men across the nation to customize their shirts. Trumaker is revolutionizing an age old tradition, all while working around your schedule.

Made to measure, or as they like to call it “built to fit” was previously thought of as something out of reach for the average dudes, but today there are new ‘e-tailors’ launching almost weekly. Fine by us.

Trumaker’s team is composed of skilled craftsman who are waiting to help you create shirts you’ll want to wear everyday.

So how does it work? Go to their website and enter your information – then they’ll get in touch with you and let you know who can hook you up. Trumaker is based in San Francisco, but you don’t have to be. The brands “outfitters” live in different parts of the US. Once the two of you get in touch, an “outfitter” will come to you – to your home – or even your office. You and your new friend will sit down, look through fabric swatches and start taking measurements.

According to Trumaker this will only take about half an hour, which is great because if you think about it, it takes that long to find the right fit in a department store anyways.

Trumaker will then build your first shirt. The perfect shirt. If you don’t love it, they will handle alterations until you are satisfied.

Now you know your perfect size, so you can go to their website, email, or even call Trumaker up to customize future shirts. It’s like shopping at a store that only carries size: You.

For the holiday season Trumaker is sweetening the deal by offering gifts (scarves, totes, shoe bags) with the purchase of any gift card – the bigger the card, the bigger the gift. A perfect idea for your dad, brother, best friend, boss, yourself.

Check out the great selection of shirts, sweaters and gifts at Trumaker right here.

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