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Take 15% off the Entire Line of DUER L2X Performance Denim

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Denim might be one of the best fabrics known to man, and few pieces are more essential for a man’s wardrobe than a pair of classic blue jeans. But as much as we love it, there’s no denying that some of the best aspects of denim are also some of its biggest drawbacks: Namely, that thick, canvas-like cotton weave isn’t always the most breathable, flexible, or most well-suited to active lifestyles. DUER looks to change that with its L2X Performance Denim, made for all-weather wear, including — yes — hot and humid climates.

Since warmer weather is headed our way — well, for most of us anyway — now’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on outfits and apparel for the hot summer months. You might be happy to know that for a limited time, Manual readers can take 15% off the entire line with the checkout code MANUAL. Just pop that promo code into the appropriate field at checkout and you’ll see the discount. We’ve picked out some of our favorite performance denim options below, as well!

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DUER Performance Denim Slim Jeans

A man wearing the Duer Performance Denim slim fit jeans.

We love a pair of selvedge raws as much as the next denim head, and while that will always have a place in any man’s jeans rotation, there invariably comes a time when that stiff, weighty fabric isn’t the most satisfying to wear all day. That’s why you want to add at least a couple of pairs of performance jeans for those days when your raw denim is staying in the wardrobe (and not in the freezer, please). DUER’s L2X Performance Denim strikes that perfect balance between ruggedness and ease of wear with its cool-wearing stretch fabric that breathes and moves with your body, and these slim-fit jeans are the perfect cut for it. Also available in straight and relaxed fits.

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DUER All-Weather Performance Denim Slim Jeans

A mean wearing Duer all weather denim jeans in black.

L2X Performance Denim is made with a blend of organic cotton, Coolmax all-season polyester, and Lycra spandex. Coolmax fiber wicks moisture and heat away from the body to keep you cool, while that little bit of Lycra spandex gives the jeans enough stretch for them to flex and maneuver like you do, without compromising that denim feel. But if you want something seriously rugged, the DUER All-Weather denim collection adds a polyester membrane that makes these jeans water- and wind-proof. Other design touches include hidden gussets which further improve range of motion and reflective details that make you a little more visible in low light conditions. Also available in relaxed fit.

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DUER Performance Denim Commuter Short

A man wearing the Duer Performance Denim Commuter jean shorts.

DUER Performance Denim comes in a nice selection of styles and cuts, including jean shorts. If that’s your thing, then the Performance Denim Commuter is a great pair of shorts that are nothing like those baggy messes many of us remember from the ’90s. With a slim modern cut, light wash, and DUER’s Performance Denim fabric, these cuffed shorts look and feel great. Whether you’re adding some new pairs to your rotation or you’re fresh to the world of denim, this is a great chance to score a deal on a pair of cool-wearing jean shorts that are perfect for spring and summer.

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DUER Performance Denim Stay Dry Jacket

A model wearing the Duer Performance Denim Stay Dry trucker jacket.

The only thing as essential for a man’s wardrobe as a pair of jeans is a rugged denim trucker jacket. These tend to be pretty tough-wearing in general — they’re made of denim, after all — but finding a jean jacket that’s both nicely fitting and easy to move in can often seem like an endless quest. The DUER Stay Dry jean jacket solves that decades-old conundrum by combing the iconic trucker jacket design with its Performance Denim organic cotton/Coolmax polyester/Lycra spandex fabric, with the added touch of a DWR water-resistant coating that repels liquids (be it rain or an unfortunate spill) to keep you dry.

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