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DUER Has the Comfy and Breathable Pants You Need for Summer

This content was produced in partnership with DUER.

Ready or not, warm weather is going to be upon us soon. That means many of us will need to swap from wearing cozy, cold-weather gear, with a remarkably different style, to lightweight, breathable wear that still helps us look our best. Yeah, of course you want to look great, but you need to feel great too, even when you’re sweating and it’s humid, or dry. Just in case you aren’t already, now’s the perfect time to feast your eyes on DUER’s super fabric blends. It doesn’t matter whether you’re relaxing at home, visiting the office, or vacationing in a beautiful climate, DUER’s pants are lightweight, ultra-breathable, and moisture-wicking.

Now, there are quite a few pants — and styles — available in DUER’s inventory. From sweat-resistant joggers to performance denim, there’s a lot to choose from, and a lot to love. You can check those out anytime by visiting DUER’s hot weather pants and jeans section, but we took the liberty to explore some of the best options below. We’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that these are quality apparel options, built using sustainable materials — 50% of the fibers used in DUER’s pants are from recycled wood chips, plants, and recycled plastic bottles. So you can feel comfortable, look good, and give back to the community and environment in a big way.

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Best Activewear: No Sweat Short

DUER No Sweat Shorts from waist down.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

In the heat, pants aren’t always the best way to go, and giving your legs some breathing space can keep you cool and comfortable. The DUER No Sweat Short is classy thanks to its slim fit, with a mid-rise to the knees. At the same time, they’re breathable, with built-in cooling features thanks to the Tencel fibers that also offer a soft feel. The shorts come in several waist sizes and a few different color options, including all-black and shades of brown or khaki. A hidden gusset delivers more flexibility for an extended range of motion, which means you don’t have to worry about the shorts splitting or coming apart at the seams. They’re also triple-stitched for added reinforcement.

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Altogether, the No Sweat Shorts are great for active lifestyles and adventure, relaxing at home, or hitting the town to do some shopping.

Alternative: Live Lite Adventure Short

Best Loungewear: No Sweat Jogger

DUER No Sweat Jogger from the waist down.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Joggers are such a rare breed of pant, aren’t they? Because they’re excellent while you’re active, whether working out at the gym, or going for a run, but also they’re fantastic for lounging around your home or apartment. Really, they match just about any activity, and the best joggers are always comfortable. That’s precisely what you’re getting with DUER’s No Sweat Jogger pants. They come in a variety of colors and waist sizes. They have a mid-rise design with a slim fit through the hip and jogger cuff. A blend of cotton and Tencel fibers means they’re soft, breathable, and ultra-cozy. They also feature DUER’s hidden gusset for added flexibility, reinforced seams, and smart, secure pockets — you can stow your wallet, phone, keys, and more safely while you’re on the go.

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No matter if you’re home or away, the DUER No Sweat Joggers are a great choice, and they’ll keep you both cool and comfortable on the move or in the lounger.

Alternative: Live Free Adventure Pant

Best Anytime-wear: Smart Stretch Tech Pant

DUER Smart Stretch Tech Pant from waist down.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Designed as a more modern trouser, with elements of your favorite jogger, the Smart Stretch Tech Pant is equal parts professional and relaxed. This pull-on pant does not look at all like loungewear, which is divine. You can wear them at home, out on the street, into the office, or even out to dinner. The blend of Repreve polyester and Tencel fibers means they’re breathable, sweat-wicking, and soft. They come in a few waist sizes but just one color, all black.

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The key here is not to look at DUER’s Smart Stretch Tech Pant as pull-on sweatpants, because they’re so much more. If you just want an excellent pair of ultra-comfy and breathable pants, you can’t go wrong here.

Alternative: Smart Stretch Pant Relaxed

Best Jean: Performance Denim Relaxed

Duer Performance Denim Relaxed from the waist down.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

With the right pair of jeans, you don’t just look like a million bucks, but also feel wonderful too — you know exactly the kind we’re talking about! That’s what you can expect from DUER’s Performance Denim Relaxed jeans, available in a few different colors and styles. The relaxed fit gives a more chill and casual feel, while still looking slick when you’re out and about. They also benefit from DUER’s power stretch design, signature gusset, and reinforced seams. They also employ Coolmax fibers that help wick away moisture in hot climates but are fully capable of providing insulation in cold weather too.

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If you want a reliable pair of jeans that are as comfortable to wear as they look, the Performance Denim Relaxed is a good fit.

Alternative: Live Lite Pant Slim

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