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Converse Run Star Hike Shoes Are on Sale at Nordstrom Today

Tan platform Chuck Taylor hiking shoes on a a white background.

Converse is one of the most sought-after brands of casual sneakers, due in part to the fact that they are timeless and go with just about every outfit. Converse is so beloved that the brand has started making shoes for more than just casual wear, but for hiking, too. Today Nordstrom has a pretty sweet deal on Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Star Run Star Hike High Top Platform Sneakers. Originally $110, these super chic hiking sneakers are on sale for $72, saving you $38 for a whopping 35% off. If you want to take to the trails in style, in the best shoes for men, look no further.

For people of all ages and genders, Converse sneakers, as well as some Converse alternatives, are a closet staple. Converse sneakers have been worn for every occasion, from a rave to a wedding, and finally, there is a converse sneaker that is optimized for the hiking trail. The toothy, serrated sole of the Run Star Hike High Top Platform Sneaker grips the ground beneath your feet, keeping you stable as you traverse the trails, and the platform gives you just a little bit of extra lift. These shoes are built on a unisex sole construction, so they can be worn comfortably by everyone and anyone.

Made from high-quality materials, these shoes are available in a blend of leather and textile or an entirely textile composition. Because they’re Converse, you already know that they’re durable and easy to clean when you return home from your adventures. The Run Star Hike High Top Platform Sneaker is available in nearly as many different colors as sizes, so there’s a color perfectly suited to your camping and hiking attire, no matter your color palette.

Marked down to $72 from $110, Converse’s Chuck Taylor Run Star Hike High Top Platform Sneakers are nothing short of a steal. Don’t forget that Nordstrom offers free shipping on every order, so there is truly no time like the present to take advantage of this awesome deal. It’s only a matter of days from when you click Add to Cart until you’re lacing up your brand-new Converse Hiking Sneakers and hitting the dusty trail.

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