Chuck Modern Colors Collection is Converse’s Latest All-Star Style Upgrade

Converse has been on a roll lately: pumping out new shoe collections and collaborations every month or so (or at least that’s how it seems).

But the renowned shoe brand hasn’t simply been tweaking a stitch here or slimming a sole there–instead, Converse has taken the hard route and chosen to revamp their classic Chuck Taylor shoes with new materials and colors, adding an overall fresh aesthetic to the typically staid mix.

From fully waterproof Chucks to those designed to pair with your tux, the iconic shoe brand hasn’t hesitated to change-it up to keep their fans happy. This time around, Converse is releasing their new Chuck Modern Colors line, available to the public March 3, 2017.

The new Chucks come in several vibrant new colorways that hark back to the archival Chuck Taylor All Star colors of the 1970s, including black, olive, deep Bordeaux (a rich burgundy color), and navy. The improvements don’t stop there either.

Converse has completely transformed the typically leather upper by switching up the original material for a two-layer mesh. The new material injects a pop of visual (and physical) texture, to a formerly smooth shoe, bringing it into the 21st century with its almost-futuristic slightly-waffled look.

For more information or to get a pair of your own, check out Converse’s website.

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