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The Chainsmokers Limited, Mood-Altering Shades With Futuremood

Powerful bursts of pumping electric bass and lyrical pop goodness from The Chainsmokers are sure to elevate your mood. Now the duo is bringing the good vibes via accessorized fashion and style as the dual cofounders of the new sunglass brand, Futuremood.

Futuremood pioneered using colored sunglasses to stimulate moods by regulating lights and color with halochrome lens technology. Austin Soldner and Michael Schaecher met at a newly formed San Francisco research and development lab created by the high-end audio tech maker Bose. The pair collaborated with world-leading lens manufacturer Zeiss to ideate and realize Futuremood’s mood-altering sunglasses that, according to company studies, have shown to alter your state of mind. Alongside DJ and production duo Alexander “Alex” Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart, there’s no stopping achieving your particular shade of Zen with Futuremood shades.

A model sporting Futuremood's Aura Boost sunglasses, developed with The Chainsmokers

“We want to give every person the ability to unlock their human potential and enhance their reality,” Futuremood’s Solder said in a statement. “We do this by creating best-in-class innovations that drive deeper self-awareness and human connection. It’s our belief that through this enlightening process, we empower people to curate their mood and manifest a better future.”

Similar to how blue light-blocking glasses can help you fall asleep, Futuremood’s sunglasses use light and lens color to set off different reactions in the body and mind, depending on its spectral composition. Futuremood’s halochrome lens technology, developed with world-leading lens manufacturer Zeiss, is supposed to stimulate your mood by regulating lights and color.

Design partners were inspired by purple, the last color humans can see before light passes onto ultraviolet. According to spiritualists, the color connects our perspective to the spiritual self, bringing guidance, wisdom, inner strength, and enhancing artistic efforts. Sporting the new style, people can stride through the day with uplifting thoughts that engender creation. This calling is what brought The Chainsmokers aboard.

After the duo’s emotional highs and lows in crafting their new 2022 album, “So Far So Good,” the band was motivated to encapsulate the weightless happiness they found at the end of producing their fourth album.

“This two-year hiatus presented us with an opportunity to reconnect with our inner selves and energize the creativity that allowed us to bring some of our favorite music to the world,” co-lead singer Pall said.

This lightness is represented in the unisex Lightanium sunglasses crafted with beta-grade aero titanium (often found in airplane materials) that weighs less than a fraction of a pound, offering true buoyancy upon wear. This is just another one of several tech leaps that Futuremood shades offer.

“We were excited by the advancements and innovations that Futuremood is making in eyewear,” Pall said. “We hope that this collaboration, along with our new album, encourages people to give themselves permission to explore and connect with the world in a profoundly unique way.”

This is supposed to be the beginning of big things for the sunglass manufacturer. Futuremood’s mission looks forward to shaping digital and physical collectible aesthetics in a tech-forward world.

The limited-edition sunglasses are available for purchase for $195 exclusively Futuremood’s web page.

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