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Billykirk Thornproof Wool Bag Collection Finds the Perfect Balance Between Form and Function

Billykirk’s new Thornproof Wool Collection is the latest offering from the unapologetically unique vision of brothers Chris and Kirk Bray in New York. Rooted in two, stouthearted materials — Thornproof Wool and Horween Waxed Flesh — these textures were designed for strength and stature against the brash elements of nature, while still boasting a seamless respect for elegance.

Comprised of a weekender bag, tote bag, dopp kit, and accessories case, this collection hosts all the stowaway space you need, as well as protection against the inevitable. Although the Billykirk Thornproof Wool Collection was made with durability in mind, it truly showcases its austere history in the most luxurious way.

Now, let’s get into the history of these two resistant, yet ravishing materials.

Billykirk Thornproof Wool Bag Collection

First, the winter-staving Thornproof Wool, or a heavy-duty tweed texture created for hunters and outdoorsmen. This robust material is made with two-fold twisted yarns instead of the standard one-fold tweed, allowing for protection against heavy gashes in rugged situations. And it boasts one helluva salt and pepper appearance that goes with just about anything.

Next we have a stellar reverse suede concoction by Horween Leather that has roots in withstanding the toughest of conditions. In WWII, boots were manufactured with the leather’s flesh side facing out. Ultimately, these fibrous boots were coated by soldiers with Dubbin (a mixture of natural waxes and oils) which created a waterproof coating that could then be maintained.

Billykirk Thornproof Wool Bag Collection

Billykirk is no stranger to The Manual, as we recently showcased one of their travel dopp kits for grooming on the go. This collection features a few essentials for those of you toughing through the urban jungles on bikes and the bus, or regularly traveling through the air for business or pleasure. There is no question that this new collection meshes elegance and sophistication seamlessly, while staying true to the Billykirk tradition of quality craftsmanship.

The collection is available now for order.

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