Ball & Buck Pop Up in Boston

ball buck pop boston and up
It’s not Christmas yet, but gifting is coming early this season! Ball and Buck, THE brand for sporting gentlemen (we are big fans), announces the second annual American Field. The pop-up market, which features only brands made in the USA, will take place on September 28th and 29th in Boston, Massachusetts.

Mark Bollman, the President and Founder of Ball and Buck, began the movement in the Fall of 2012 in order to raise awareness about quality American brands and educate consumers so they can make informed decisions on where to spend their money. The first event featured over 40 American brands, including Rancourt & Co, Randolph Engineering, Tellason, New Balance, Red Wing, Four Roses Bourbon, among many others, and this year Bollman plans to double that number of participants. A full list of brands can be found on their website.

“A growing number of consumers are looking beyond the price and focusing on the story behind different products when making their purchase decisions. American Field was founded in order to give consumers a way to directly connect with the founders, craftsmen, and visionaries who have put their blood, sweat, and tears into re-igniting the American Manufacturing economy. With the massive amount of outsourced production, AF reminds consumers that there are amazing products made right here on American soil,” Mark told us.

Don’t think Bollman is going to let you go hungry, there will be food trucks parked outside from Black Magic Coffee, Kickass Cupcakes, Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, The Chicken and Rice Guys and Pennypackers (seasonal soups, salads and sandwiches) as well as live entertainment every afternoon.

When: Saturday, September 28th and Sunday, September 29th 10am to 6pm

Where: American Field will take place at 560 Harrison Avenue, in a restored power station building in the South End of Boston and is open to the public.


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