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AIR Is One of the World’s Most Breathable Blazers and There’s Still Time to Back It

Every sartorially aware man knows there’s a balance to be struck between style and comfort. Today’s focus on ease of wear has led to dress standards that many find to be a bit too casual now, but given that cheap fused suits of decades past were hot, stiff, and stuffy (with men only recently rediscovering traditional and superior suit construction methods), it’s not difficult to see why so many ditched the blazers and sport jackets. Clothing startup Gottlich hopes to change that with AIR, the world’s most breathable men’s blazer, and there’s still time to back it on Kickstarter and take advantage of those Early Bird discounts.

Traditionally, suit jackets were made of natural materials with a free-floating canvas between the fabric layers. This resulted in a breathable, natural-feeling garment. These hand-tailored suits were expensive, however, and clothing brands started utilizing cheap synthetic fabrics and wool-poly blends along with a layer of “fusible” (which is basically glue) instead of the free-floating canvas to keep prices down. These suits are less costly, but they don’t look, drape, or feel as nice, and this synthetic-and-fusible construction can become very uncomfortable as these materials simply do not breathe at all.

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By contrast, the AIR blazer combines the best of modern materials technology with classically inspired tailoring to create a jacket that breathes even better than lightweight tropical wool – without the unsightly wrinkles of linen jackets or the odd, bulky drape of cotton (which actually isn’t as breathable as most people think). The AIR blazer is made from an innovative new fabric derived from the Austrian beech tree – no stiff, stuffy synthetic fibers here – which allows for totally free airflow around your body while being soft and smooth to the touch.

With this unique material and a magnetic closure in place of a button, the AIR blazer is seamlessly reversible as well: The 360-degree lapel folds back perfectly, and the lack of internal seams essentially gives you two blazers in one with a check pattern on the reverse side. This is something that’s not really possible with traditional suit jacket construction. The beech tree-derived fabric of the AIR blazer is also considerably lighter than wool, is naturally wrinkle-resistant unlike other lightweight materials like linen, and is infused with a stain-repellent treatment that causes liquids to roll right off.

The AIR breathable blazer is live on Kickstarter and has just surpassed its initial funding goals, but there are still spots available in the Early Bird tiers if you back it now. The $189 Super Early Bird deals are going fast, but the regular Early Bird special still lets you score an AIR blazer for $199 (saving you $151 off of its launch price of $350). The AIR blazer is available in four colors and is scheduled to ship next May. Note that we always encourage caution when participating in a crowdfunding venture.

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