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How Nordstrom’s Personal Styler Is Helping Men Transition Back to Fashion

The post-quarantine world is ever so slowly emerging. As we all take our tentative steps back into the world, this is a time to reassess many things in our lives. One of the more fun options is to think about how want to look, today and in the future. This is the perfect time to find new styles and discover a new look that’s ideal for you and your future self. That’s where Nordstrom’s Personal Styler Trunk Club can help you out.

The Trunk Club is one of Nordstrom’s virtual services men can access to get all the benefits of a personal stylist from the comfort of your own home. With a Nordstrom Trunk Club subscription, a man who’s keen to spruce up his look gets a personalized connection for guidance choosing clothing and accessories that are right for his body and style -fr- all in the most convenient manner possible. Let’s take a look at why it works so well.

The Cure for Misdirected Impulse Buying Mistakes

The Nordstrom Trunk Club aims to save you plenty of cash while providing you with great clothing. That’s exactly what we’d expect from one of the best affordable online clothing stores for men. The thinking behind it is that the Nordstrom team helps offer expert guidance on what to buy so that you avoid impulse buying things that simply don’t suit you.

Typically, items range from $50 to $300 and there’s always the option to set your budget preferences so you don’t overspend. Crucially, you only ever pay for what you decide to keep with shipping and returns always free so it’s the ideal way to find something that works for you with minimal hassle and expense.

There’s also no subscription required. You can dip into the Nordstrom Trunk Club whenever it suits you or choose to schedule a new purchase as often as you like. The no-risk and no-hassle approach mean there’s simply nothing to lose here. The only cost is a $25 styling fee but it’s applied toward anything you decide to purchase and is waived for Nordstrom cardmembers so you won’t have to worry here.

Nordstrom Trunk Club

The Nordstrom Trunk Club starts with its well-designed Style Quiz. To buy the right items for you, you need to know what the right clothing is. Nordstrom gets that, which is why it has the Style Quiz to help you out. Functioning as a personal stylist, it starts with you simply entering a few details such as your location, your general style, and the colors you like or dislike, and the Style Quiz does all the hard work for you. You can even pick out specific materials that you particularly like wearing or that you feel suit you best. It’s also possible to pick out favorite brands and how well-fitting the clothing is, before describing your size and then moving onto your budget.

Ever had a conversation with someone about your style? This is exactly like that but without the hassle or potential embarrassment of having to discuss sizes openly with a stranger. You can work on figuring out your style and look comfortably from home without needing to head anywhere or book an appointment. It offers all the advantages of a personal stylist service with none of the drawbacks.

If you’d prefer an even more personal connection, you can also set up a virtual Nordstrom Styling Appointment at a time that’s convenient for you. You can book an appointment for a free 30-minute video chat with a Nordstrom stylist for advice on your style, fashion, and even personal products to polish your style.

Nordstrom Virtual Styling Appointments

You can buy almost anything you can think of with the Nordstrom Trunk club! The beauty of the Nordstrom Trunk Club is that it’s aimed at all kinds of lifestyles.

Browse the website and you can easily find sections devoted to the everyday essentials like casual shirts and pants, before heading over to the workout section for athletic and activewear that’s ideally suited for when you’re heading to the gym and want to look good. There’s also plenty of room for business casual style as well as the smartest business wear you can think of. From work to weekend, the Trunk Club has you covered.

Nordstrom caters to many different big-name brands so there’s something for every style and occasion. Thanks to the style guide, you should be able to discover some hidden gems you’d never considered before, too.

Nordstrom Styling Services Help You Get the Most from the Nordstrom Trunk Club

As you can see, Nordstrom Styling’s virtual services work in concert for your convenience to help you look your best with clothing and the products that are best for you. The Nordstrom Style Quiz, free Virtual Stylist appointments, and Stylist Connections inform your personal style and empower your decisions so you’ll be confident in your choices with the Nordstrom Trunk Club. You can also use Nordstrom Gift Help when you want to buy the right gift for someone else.

Additional Nordstrom virtual services let you Learn More by browsing services and connecting with a stylist, Chat Now for free style advice and recommendations, and Connect Now for a free stylist consult to help you create a look just for you.

Nordstrom Trunk Club takes seconds to sign up to. Simply create a free profile or download the app, and you can start taking the Style Quiz immediately. Within moments, you’ll have an idea of what style suits you while still keeping to your budget. Then it’s down to you when you want to order new clothing from the site with absolutely no pressure involved. It’s the absolute best way to discover your post-quarantine style without having to leave the comfort of your home.

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