A Little Something: Great Stocking Stuffers for Men

Unfortunately, stocking stuffers tend to get a bad rap. From chintzy childhood toys to adult socks and underwear to cheap chocolates, there are a lot of reasons to hate stockings. But that’s not how the world has to be. Optimism, my friends, optimism.

To help you with a brighter outlook on small-gift giving this holiday season, we rounded up with our top stocking stuffers for men, including grooming products, drinking accessories, snacks, knives, and more. Check out our guide below for great ideas and inspiration to treat the nice guy in your life. If you’re buying for someone a little more naughty, just give them a lump of coal instead. He’ll learn his lesson.

The Bartender’s Knife – $30

Stocking Stuffers for Men

Everyone who enjoys making a good cocktail should also have a good bartender’s knife. This one from W&P Design is perfect for slicing limes and lemons, peeling orange twists, is made from hardwood and steel, is seven inches long (unfolded), and includes a sharpening stone.

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The ONE Bauble – $22

stocking stuffers for men the one bauble 20cl

Who could say no to a Christmas ornament filled with booze? Literally no one, that’s who. The ONE Bauble contains 200 ml of spirit and is made with a combination of whiskies from around the British Isles. Think of it as an “in case of emergency, break bauble” scenario.

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Buffalo Horn Folding Beard Comb – $8

stocking stuffers for men 61xy3msihsl  sl1200

Hand-carved from real buffalo horn, this fold-out beard comb will not snag or snare your face hair. But the best party about it (other than looks, of course)? Natural horn does not conduct static electricity, so there’s no chance of getting a shock to the cheek with this whisker wonder.

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Tooletries Tooth Brush & Razor Holder – $18

stocking stuffers for men 91z4x5wq8kl  sl1500

The key to a morning routine is organization, and with this silicon razor holder designed for the shower, you’ll keep everything you need to start your morning grooming regimen right where it’s needed. A place for everything, after all …

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Nomad Notebooks (Sea+Air+Space Edition) – $12

Nomad Notebooks

Move over Moleskin, there’s a new notebook game in town and it goes by the name of Nomad. The Sea+Air+Space pack features three different notebooks with historical photos on the inside covers relating to the theme, as well as a map for each theme.

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What Do You Meme Game – $30

stocking stuffers for men 61o7n3igadl  sl1232

Think of it as Cards Against Humanity, but with all the classic memes you know and love. Playful, tongue-in-cheek, and oftentimes hilarious, this simple game will bring a little life to any dull party.

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Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne – $42-plus

stocking stuffers for men fultonandroark

Solid cologne has a few advantages over liquid. You can directly apply very specific (and small) amounts to the exact location on your body where you want it. Beyond that, it’s a great travel companion since it avoids the airlines’ liquid hate. This one smells of warmth, amber, and wood, but there are plenty of scents out there for any man.

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Google Home Mini – $29

stocking stuffers for men googlehomemini

If the man in your life isn’t the paranoid type and doesn’t mind having an internet connected personal assistant listening to him 24 hours a day, then the Google Home Mini is the stocking stuffer of the season. With the ability to answer random questions, manage smart home features, announce appointment reminders, and change the channel all through voice commands along, this little piece of tech is the best non-person personal assistant on the market. (Check out an in-depth review of this device over on our brother site, Digital Trends.)

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CigarClub.com Box – $30

stocking stuffers for men cigarclub

For the cigar lover in your life, get the gift of variety. Head on over to CigarClub.com, where you can fill out a taste preference sheet for your guy (or send it to him to have him fill it out himself) and Cigar Club will send him three cigars hand-selected to match his flavor profile and preferences. To make it even better? If he hates any of the cigars, just let Cigar Club know and they’ll replace it with something he’s guaranteed to love. Keep the gifts going all year long with a monthly subscription.

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Wave Money Clip – $38

stocking stuffers for men clip w black angle1 900x

When you want less than a wallet, but still want to carry some cash, a money clip is your best bet. This one from Craighill is made from stainless steel with a black nitrocarburized coating and feels just as good as it looks.

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AirPods – $159

stocking stuffers for men mmef2

Ever since Apple neutered the headphone jack from its phones, dealing with the dongle has not been the best, to say the least. So, why not bite the bullet for the guy in your life and grab a pair of AirPods for him. Sure, they look kind of dorky, but they’re practical, and also the only way forward, apparently. It’s okay to buy these begrudgingly — we did.

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Quay Hendrix Sunglasses – $60

stocking stuffers for men quaysunglasses

Sturdy, stylish, and relatively inexpensive, the Hendrix sunglasses from Quay turn any average Joe into a near rock star. The oversized frames work with most face shapes and since these come from the Australia, you know they’ve got the right sun protection.

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Stag Antler Bottle Opener – $40

stocking stuffers for men 71e2mwx2hfl  sl1500

Sticking with the horn theme, this antler  bottle opener is a great little gift for any home bartender or beer drinker … so, basically anyone. And it will look especially at home in your guy’s family’s cabin by the lake.

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People’s Choice Beef Jerky 4-pack – $22

stocking stuffers for men jerky kit

Made from 100-percent additive-free, all-American beef, this no-sugar, no-carb jerky comes in four flavors: Carne Seca Limon, Sriracha, Old Fashioned jerky, and Orange Honey Teriyaki. This is a great gift for the gym rat or late-night snacker.

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Bitters Sampler – $15

stocking stuffers for men seven stills custom bitters quartet 1

Throw this bitters sampler in with the antler  bottle opener above and give the man in your life some excellent alcohol accessories. This bitters sampler pack includes prickly pear, chocolate gingersnap, your standard cocktail bitters, and Meyer lemon bitters. Imagine the possibilities

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