Get Him a Little Something from Our List of the Best Stocking Stuffers for Men

Stocking stuffers tend to get a bad rap. From chintzy childhood toys to adult socks and underwear to cheap chocolates, there are a lot of reasons to hate stocking stuffer gifts. But that’s not how the world has to be. Optimism, my friends, optimism.

stocking stuffers for men great 3 image grid

To help you with a brighter outlook on small-gift giving this holiday season, we rounded up our top stocking stuffers for men, including grooming products, drinking accessories, snacks, knives, and more. The only requirements for these gifts? They have to fit in a stocking. That’s it. No price limit. No forbidden gift categories. Just the small stuff.

And you know what they say about small packages.

Check out our guide below for great ideas and inspiration to treat the nice guy in your life. If you’re buying for someone a little more naughty, just give him a lump of coal instead. He’ll learn his lesson.

Go-Comb Stainless Steel Mesh Beard Comb – $14
stocking stuffers for men go comb stainless steel 2018

For all the bearded bros out there, this stainless steel, lightweight beard comb is perfect for leaving on the bathroom counter or tossing in his work bag.

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Shower Beer Holder – $15
stocking stuffers for men shower beer holder 2018

Who doesn’t love a shower beer? Now you (or your brother, or dad, or husband, or son) can enjoy a refreshing shower beer without having to hold it the entire time (or set it down and run the risk of watering down the brew).

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MoMA Multi-ccino Mug – $16
stocking stuffers for men mutli ccino mug moma

If you have a budding baristo on your list, this MoMA Multi-ccino Mug has quick-reference coffee drink recipes right on the side, meaning he can make that cortado faster than you thought.

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Twisty Glass Mini Blunt – $41
stocking stuffers for men twity mini glass blunt

With marijuana legalization expanding every year, this miniature glass blunt is a great option for your favorite weed lover. The twisting corkscrew inside the glass cylinder ensures even burning and makes it simple to ash and clear when his smoke sesh is complete.

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Alfred Lane Fragrance Oil Bravado – $40
stocking stuffers for men alfred lane fragrance oil 2018

This keychain-size fragrance oil can be used as a cologne, beard oil, and general moisturizer for any man in your life.

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Dr. Squatch Crisp I.P.A. Soap – $7
stocking stuffers for men dr squatch crips ipa soap 2018 1

To go along with that shower beer holder, why not toss in this Crisp IPA bar soap from Dr. Squatch. Not only is it great for getting clean, but the soap’s light, cidery scent is perfect for a midwinter wash.

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Yeti Rambler Camp Mug – $25
stocking stuffers for men yeti rambler mug 2018

When that baristo (who just learned to make cortados with his MoMA mug) needs to hit the road with coffee in tow, hand him this YETI Rambler mug with lid for the perfect on-the-go caffeinator.

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Grovemade Brass Minimalist Knife – $120
stocking stuffers for men grovemade brass minimalist knife 2018 1

The Minimalist Knife takes its design inspiration from a traditional Japanese folding knife known as a higonokami and looks great in any guy’s gear collection.

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Go F*ck, I mean, Find Yourself – $14
stocking stuffers for men go fuck yourself book cover stuffer 2018

Go F*ck, I mean Find Yourself is the perfect combination of inspiration and abuse. The advice is like something you would receive from a very woke middle-school football coach. And we all need some of that sometimes.

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Bro Mask – $28
stocking stuffers for men bro mask stuffer 2018 1

When it comes to looking good, it’s all about the face. Knowing that, Jaxon Lane created Bro Mask, a hydrogel mask that sticks to a man’s face, even if it’s sporting a fresh coat of stubble. This mask is super-hydrating, super effective, and super fun to wear.

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Olloclip Super-Wide & Telephoto Pro Lenses for iPhone XS – $240
stocking stuffers for men olloclip pro iphone xs 2018

For all those amateur photographers out there, there’s Olloclip’s Pro series of lenses including super-wide and telephoto. Turn his iPhone XS into a semi-professional picture-taker and watch his Insta feed improve incrementally.

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The Roosevelts Yosemite Beard Oil – $25
stocking stuffers for men roosevelts beard oil 2018

The Roosevelt’s award-winning Yosemite Beard Oil is the perfect buy for the bearded man in your life. The woodsy, yet fresh scent is hydrating (without being greasy) and works for any skin and hair type.

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Tactile Turn Brass Slider Pen – $79
stocking stuffers for men tactile turn brass slider pen 2018

Each year, every stocking should be stuffed with at least one good piece of EDC. In this case, it should be this brass slider pen which has enough heft to feel great in the hand and enough visual weight to hold its own on a desktop or peeking out of a pocket.

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Pappy Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup – $38
stocking stuffers for men papper barrel aged syrup 2018

Maple syrup aged in Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels. Really, that’s all we need to say about this one, don’t you think?

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UST Heritage Lensatic Brass Compass – $20
stocking stuffers for men lensatic brass compass 2018

This is for the man who fancies himself an outdoor adventurer. UST Heritage’s handsome brass compass does what it’s supposed to do — point north — and does it while looking good as hell. We can hear Lewis and Clark’s jealousy from beyond the grave.

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MeUndies Onesie – $78
stocking stuffers for men meundies onesie 2018

Winter calls for onesies … even as an adult. So snag one of these MeUndies onesies for the man in your life and get a kick at watching him revert back to his boyhood bedtime routine.

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Nanopresso Espresso Maker – $65
stocking stuffers for men nanopresso espresso maker 2018

Coffee addiction is a serious thing and it doesn’t take a break, even while on the go. Which is why Nanopresso is the perfect stocking stuffer for those caffeine lovers in your life. Simply add ground coffee and hot water, pump to pressurize, and marvel at the magnificent espresso that this makes.

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Dank Tank Bong and Dab Bubbler – $60
stocking stuffers for men tank bowl 2018

If the miniature twisty glass blunt was a bit too fancy for the toker on your list, opt instead for this tiny tank bubbler. Shaped like a U.S. Army Abrams tank, this bad boy will destroy you with marijuana mortars instead of live ammunition.

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Sprout Plantable Pencils – $15
stocking stuffers for men sprout plantable pencils 2018

While figuring out what to do with the nubs of your pencils isn’t exactly a serious problem, Sprout Plantable Pencils fixed it anyway by adding seeds and fertilizer to a tiny capsule where the eraser would normally reside. Once the guy in your life has used the pencil to its stubby conclusion, simply plant the rest and watch as herbs, flowers, or vegetables sprout up, which is perfect growing mint for that mojito.

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Quip All-Black Electric Toothbrush Set – $55
stocking stuffers for men quip all black toothbrush set 2018 1

If the guy you’re buying for doesn’t yet have an electric toothbrush, then stuff his stocking with Quip’s all-black option. Using a small electric brush with a timer (to ensure you brush all your teeth equally), Quip cleans effectively while also looking super sleek on your counter or stuck to your bathroom mirror.

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COAL Headwear Eddie Beanie – $26
stocking stuffers for men coal headwear 2018 1

One of our editors wore a COAL beanie while salmon fishing in Alaska and raved about the quality fabric and how well it kept his head warm. Now, we can’t guarantee a beanie like this will make your man Last Frontier-worthy, but at the very least he’ll look cool in this knit cap.

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Haspel ‘Drink Whiskey’ Soft-Sided Flask – $15
stocking stuffers for men haspel whiskey flask 2018

Say goodbye to hard-sided flasks and hello to this supple, soft, “Drink Whiskey” option from gentleman’s brand Haspel. Bonus: The silver cap to this flask doubles as a shot glass for when discretion isn’t a requirement (think the Kentucky Derby).

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