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The 4 Best Tempur-Pedic Mattresses To Buy for Undisturbed Sleep in 2022

A man and a woman on a Tempur-Cloud mattress in a blue bedroom.

From the brand that developed the original memory foam mattress and backed by decades of innovative sleep technology, it’s no surprise that Tempur-Pedic has become synonymous with sleep (not to mention the most highly recommended bed in America). Tempur-Pedic has truly revolutionized the game with its proprietary Tempur material that adapts to the contours of your body’s weight, shape, and temperature making it one of the best mattresses in the market.

With Tempur-Pedic, you can expect durable and reliable material engineered by NASA and perfected by scientists to deliver a better sleep experience. But what makes this material an industry game-changer and differentiates it from traditional memory foam mattress can be found in its technology.

The Tempur material helps to maximize airflow and breathability to help dissipate excess heat produced by the body, making it a great option for those who sleep hot. Or if you’re a light sleeper and your main concern is motion cancellation then you can be assured that every movement with Tempur-Pedic is absorbed so everyone can sleep undisturbed. With a complete suite of options to fit the needs of most sleepers, here’s our pick for the best Tempur-Pedic mattresses.

Best for Couples: Tempur-ProAdapt

A Tempur-ProAdapt on a gray bed frame in a bedroom.

The Tempur-ProAdapt mattress from the Temper-Adapt collection is the most highly recommended bed in America, boasting a sleep experience that is “more innovative and more personal than ever before.” This 12-inch Tempur-Pedic mattress adapts and absorbs every point of contact with your body to reduce tossing and turning to help foster a deeper sleep experience for you and your partner.

What makes this a great mattress for couples is all in the advanced cellular structure of the Temper material and the Tempur-APR foam that’s engineered to isolate individual motion rather than transferring it over to your partner as seen in traditional spring mattresses. This mattress also comes in various styles to fit the specific needs of you and your partner’s bodies and comes in firm, medium, hybrid, and soft.

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Best for Pain Relief: Tempur-LuxeAdapt

A Tempur-LuxeAdapt on a bed frame in a green bedroom.

What happens when you add 30% more patented Tempur APR Material to the mix? You get an even superior motion absorption and pressure relief that’s unrivaled. What does all of that mean? It simply means that this mattress gives you the ultimate sleep comfort by offering maximum reduction in disrupted sleep, making it one of the most advanced beds on the market.

You can also expect all-night adaptive support that is precision-engineered to adjust to your weight, shape, and temperature so you can wake up feeling completely rejuvenated. This 13-inch mattress comes in soft and firm feels.

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Best for Hot Sleepers: Tempur-PRObreeze

A Tempur-Probreeze on a bed frame in a sky-blue bedroom.

Do you oftentimes find yourself waking up feeling overheated and sticky? Well, your mattress might just be the culprit. Our internal temperatures consistently change throughout the day, reaching their lowest levels as NREM (non-rapid eye movement) sleep begins. This decrease in body temperature helps to promote better sleep while high temperatures can adversely interrupt our sleep cycles.

If this sounds like you, it might be time to ditch your old springs for a mattress infused with cooling fibers that help to regulate your body’s temperature as you sleep, resulting in faster, deeper, and better sleep cycles. This cooling mattress is a great investment for those who are willing to spend extra to ensure a better sleep experience.

The Tempur-PRObreeze Mattress was brought to market in 2019 to help solve one of the most common complaints regarding foam mattresses; they’re just simply too hot for some people. This Tempur-PRObreeze cool mattress line is designed and comes equipped with four layers of cooling technology to help manage the micro-climates by ventilating out hot and humid air entrapped under your covers. You can expect to stay between three to eight degrees cooler as compared with mother mattresses from Tempur-Pedic’s.

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Best for a Tight Budget: Tempur-Cloud

A black Tempur-Pedic canvas bag beside a Tempur-Cloud mattress on a bedframe.

With this mattress, you get the benefits of Tempur’s NASA-developed pressure relief material without breaking the bank, and you still get an amazing sleep experience. Although this mattress only comes in one feel (medium), you can expect a perfect balance that’s soft where you need it, while also being firm.

Just like the other bed collections, this mattress also adjusts to your body’s weight and shape while also minimizing pressure points to prevent tossing and turning. And this mattress is also a great option for couples because of its reduced motion transfer technology. This quadruple-layer mattress is designed to be delivered to your door, unrolled, and ready for immediate use.

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