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Video: Watch a Ferrari being hand-made, start to finish

Revealed: This is exactly how a Ferrari car is built

Ferrari is one of the few automotive brands that everyone recognizes. The prancing horse is a symbol that’s earns global recognition, regardless of location or status. That wasn’t always the case, as the Italian automaker had a humble start with racing vehicles. Now, Ferrari is a luxury brand that makes some of the most sought-after supercars in the world.

It’s no secret that Ferrari has been steadily increasing the number of cars it builds annually over the past few years. The automaker once limited production to 7,000 units annually, but in 2021, Ferrari sold over 11,000 vehicles for its best year ever. While Ferrari is building more cars than ever, it still agonizes over all the small details to make exclusive vehicles that feel rare.

Ferrari workers at the automaker's factory painting a supercar on the factory line.
Engineering World

In the video below by Engineering World, you can follow along as the team at Ferrari builds a few different supercars. The video covers the entire process that includes assembling the engine, preparing the chassis, painting the body, assembling the body, hand-stitching the interior, and quality checks. In roughly eight minutes, you’ll get an idea of what goes into building a Ferrari.

One of the more standout things about this video is how most of the work is done by hand. From smoothing out the body, painting the vehicle, installing the electrical components, assembling the larger parts of the vehicles, and putting together the leather cabin, Ferrari’s workers play a large role in putting the cars together.

With vehicles starting above $200,000, Ferraris supercars are out of reach for the majority of people. But for the few that can afford one of Maranello’s finest, they’re getting a car with incredible performance that’s built by people who care about cars.

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