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We love this Triumph Trident 660 Special Edition with Slippery Sam graphics

the Triumph Trident 660 Tribute is affordable and approachable for new riders.

2024 Triumph Trident 660 Special Edition parked in parking garage direct right profile.
Triumph Motorcycles / Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph Motorcycles, known for its successful 3-cylinder bikes, launched a special edition model with an iconic color scheme. The 2024 Triumph Trident 660 Triple Tribute will only be available for one year. The special edition has a special color-matched fly screen and belly pan. The Triumph Shift Assist option included with the Tribute edition will be especially attractive to new riders. Earlier this year, Triumph released another model based on the same engine, the 2024 Triumph Daytona 660 mid-weight sports bike.

Why the Triumph Trident 660 Special Edition matters

2024 Triumph Trident 660 Special Edition right profile parked on a rooftop parking lot.

Triumph is one of a short list of motorcycle companies that consistently release triple-cylinder models. The Trident 660 has an 80-horsepower liquid-cooled 3-cylinder motor with 47 lb-ft of torque. This sized motorcycle and engine are less overwhelming than large triples, providing additional smoothness and ample power across a wide band.

The Trident 660 Triple Tribute is a sharp-looking naked mid-weight sports bike without the fairing found on the Daytona. With Triumph Shift Assist newcomers to the sport and experienced riders alike can shift without using the clutch, a convenience for all but providing one less learning hurdle for new riders. The Trident 660 also features an auto-blipper to keep revs up when downshifting, similar to rev-matching with performance cars that still have manual transmissions.

Trident 660 Tribute handling and stopping

2024 Triumph Trident 660 Special Edition showing the front disc brakes and SHOWA front forks.
Triumph Motorcycles / Triumph Motorcycles

The Trident 660’s dimensions, weight, suspension, and brakes contribute to its agile handling, increasing the motorcycle’s appeal for younger and lighter riders. The seat height is low for the class, 31.7 inches, and the bike weighs 417 pounds with a full tank.

Showa upside-down double crown front shocks have a reasonable 120mm of travel on the Triumph, and a Showa rear monoshock with adjustable preload with 133.5mm travel helps riders over the bumps and irregularities. Dual-piston Nissin disc brakes with two 310mm discs and ABS provide the bulk of the bike’s stopping power with a 255mm disc with ABS and a single-piston caliper for the rear wheel.

The Trident 660’s standard equipment for this level motorcycle is a gratifying reminder of how technological advances have enabled mid-sized bikes to be safer, more durable, and better performing. The tech spec list goes on a bit, but the notable items, in addition to the near-ubiquitous ABS and a ride-by-wire throttle, include all-LED lighting, Road and Rain programmed riding modes, traction control (what you can turn off), an advanced display that combines color TFT and white-on-black LCD, and an engine immobilizer to minimize the threat of theft. Triumph has an extensive list of personalization options, upgrades, and accessories, but the standard package is a comprehensive start.

The Tribute Special Edition design

2024 Triumph Trident 660 Special Edition showing the gas tank and cockpit with 67 Tribute graphics.
Triumph Motorcycles / Triumph Motorcycles

A Triumph Triple known as Slippery Sam won five TT production races yearly from 1971 to 1975, an unmatched five-year run. That motorcycle is the most famous Triumph triple in the brand’s long history of racing prowess. Slippery Sam had a white, blue, and red color palette and race number 67. That much-admired triple inspired the shape, color, and placement of the paint and accent pieces on the 2024 Trident 660, including Triumph badges and logos.

Available now at U.S. Triumph dealerships

2024 Triumph Trident 660 Special Edition right rear three-quarter raised view parked,
Triumph Motorcycles / Triumph Motorcycles

Speaking of the Trident 660 Tribute Special Edition, Paul Stroud, Chief Commercial Officer, Triumph Motorcycles said, “It’s triple engine and premium detailing at a great price, has been successful in bringing younger and new riders to Triumph, and just as ‘Slippery Sam’ once inspired a generation, we believe this special edition has the iconic style, extra technology and dynamic performance to appeal to today’s Triumph fans.”

You can find the Triumph Trident Triple Tribute Special Edition at U.S. dealerships starting at $8,595.

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