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Turn Your Ride into an Artistic Display with Supercar Capsule

As enthusiasts, we find ourselves falling in love with supercars because of their incredible performance, but high-performance exotics are more than just cars that have blistering performance. They’re cars with gorgeous designs. Everyone knows that a Lamborghini doesn’t look like a Toyota, even if they’re unsure of how much horsepower the loud, angular machine has. Supercars, after all, are moving works of art. So, why not spend $45,000 on displaying them like the pieces of art that they are?

Supercar Capsule
Supercar Capsule

If you have a supercar and can swallow the idea of spending the same amount of money as a new Audi TT on creating a display for your beautiful and expensive, Supercar Capsule has the product for you. The United Arab Emirates-based company wants to give supercar owners the ability to design, from the ground up, their own unique display. Whether it’s transforming your garage, extensively changing a room, or placing a glass capsule on the outside of your house, Supercar Capsule gives owners the ability to turn any space into a private showroom. Forget about stuffing your prized possession into a temperature-controlled garage. This is the proper way to store a supercar.

Supercar Capsule offers four different ways to display your car. The first one is called the Villa Extension, which will see the company place a display box in one of your home’s walls —in your living room, for instance — so you can have your cup of coffee directly next to your car. Then, there’s the Box Refurbishment that involves taking your garage and turning it into a display that’s worthy of housing an exotic. The Detached Box is, just as its name implies, a separate glass box from your home. Lastly, for the lucky people that have more than just one car to display, there’s the Mechanised Tower. It gives you the ability to showcase two or more vehicles, one sitting atop of another, with a mechanism to safely move the vehicles.

Supercar Capsule
Supercar Capsule

Looking at things through our critical glasses, supercar owners rarely drive their cars. Who can blame them? We probably wouldn’t drive our $400,000 cars often if we could afford one either. Instead, we would choose to keep the cars stowed away in a garage or a temperature-controlled facility. Why do that when you can display your supercar in a glass structure? If it were up to us, we’d choose to have a Villa Extension installed, because being able to take a glance at your car from the comfort of your couch is a special thing.

Supercar Capsule handles nearly every aspect of the build with prices starting at $45,000. With owners being able to go as far down the aesthetic rabbit hole as they’d like, we’re sure sky’s the limit when it comes to how expensive displays can be. But take a look at a few of these finished displays. They’re breathtaking and so much better than just letting your car sit in the garage.

Supercar Capsule
Supercar Capsule

If you can afford a supercar, we’re sure spending some money to get a handsome display that allows you to enjoy your car even when it’s sitting still is a good investment. Even if you don’t have a supercar, but a classic or a car that’s been in your family for generations, one of Supercar Capsule’s displays, somehow, look like money well spent.

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