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Rimac reveals limited 15th Aanniversary Edition Rimac Nevera hypercar

The Rimac Nevera is the world's fastest car and fastest all-electric hypercar in reverse

Rimac Nevera 15th anniversary edition direct front view.
Rimac Automobili announced a limited-edition Nevera hypercar to celebrate the company’s 15th anniversary. Rimac will build only nine 15th Anniversary Edition hypercars, and the fixed price, $2,544,815, will cover all options, including custom luggage that will match the car’s interior.

Why the Rimac Nevera hypercar matters

Rimac Nevera 15th anniversary edition right front three-quarter view with wing doors raised.
The Rimac Group theme is based on achieving the impossible, and so far, founder Mate Rimac is on a roll. In the 15 years since he started the Croatian-based Rimac Automobili in 2009, Rimac progressed from converting a BMW 3-series into a race-winning EV to producing the first all-electric hypercar, the Concept One, in 2018.

Other Rimac Group companies include Rimac Technology, a mobility and energy systems technology company and Tier 1 supplier to automakers worldwide, and Rimac Energy, an energy storage company. In addition, Rimac Group is now the majority investor in 115-year-old Bugatti Rimac, the hypercar company.

So there’s a lot to celebrate, and an extremely limited edition of the Rimac Nevera hypercar, launched in 2021, is an appropriate self-acknowledgment. The Nevera, which holds 27 performance records in 2023, is one of the fastest cars in the world. Among the list of honors, the Nevera is the fastest all-electric car in the world and the record-holder for the highest top speed in reverse for an electric hypercar.

Special features of the 15th Anniversary Rimac Nevera

Rimac Nevera 15th anniversary edition left side profile.
The 15th Anniversary Editon Nevera in the images accompanying this article is number one of nine. It has a unique matte copper paint Rimac developed to celebrate the company’s relationship to energy and electrical cables. A visible glossy carbon fiber section provides a contrast to the copper color. I wonder if the resemblance to Duracell battery colors is intentional. The special edition cars will also have copper-colored switch gear and leather seats.

The Rimac Nevera is powered by a powertrain developed in-house, including the battery system, motors, and software. There are four electric motors, two per axle and one for each wheel. The motors on the rear axle each create up to 603 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque, managed by a Rimac 1MW dual inverter. The front-wheel motors are devoted to optimal power distribution and handling.

With all that Rimac Group has created and developed in its first 15 years, it will be interesting to see what it accomplishes in the next 15 during the next phase of electric vehicle transformation.

Rimac Nevera 15th anniversary edition left rear three-quarter view.
Rimac / Rimac
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