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F1 racing in 2024: 3 Sprints that are close to home

You don't have to go far to see F1 in person

F1 starting grid for the United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas.
Courtesy F1 / Formula 1

The 2024 F1 racing schedule of 3-day Grand Prix events starts in Bahrain on February 29 with the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix. The entire season includes 24 Grand Prix races on five continents, but you don’t have to travel to the Middle East, Asia, or even Europe if you want to experience F1 racing in person. This year, six of the season’s 24 F1 races are in the Americas, with three events that also include Sprint races.

Max Verstappen driving a Red Bull F1 race car.
Randonwinner / Pixabay

Why F1 racing in the Americas is important

Formula 1 racing is at the pinnacle of motorsports worldwide. Historically, F1 racing, which had its first season in 1950, has been much more popular in Europe and Asia than in the Americas. But interest in F1 racing in the Americas is growing fast. The Netflix streaming series Formula 1: Drive to Survive has helped fuel the growing interest in F1 in the U.S.  All episodes of season six of Drive to Survive will be released on February 23, 2024.

Formula 1 is a big-money sport: it costs an incredible amount of money for teams to participate, the winnings are huge, and ticket prices and fan packages are costly. Cities that host F1 races also enjoy substantial cash infusions when F1 teams, fans, and followers come to town. Hosting a prestigious F1 event is sound marketing to showcase a city and surrounding area.

Max Verstappen driving a Red Bull F1 race car.
Randonwinner / Pixabay

2024 F1 races in the United States

The three F1 races in the U.S. in 2024 are in Miami, Austin, and Las Vegas. Each of these cities hosted a 2023 Grand Prix, so there should be no surprises, such as the loose roadway drain cover that destroyed the Ferrari Carlos Sainz was driving shortly after the first practice session started in Las Vegas on November 17, 2023.

May 3-5, Miami, Florida: Miami Grand Prix

This year will be the third Miami Grand Prix run on the Miami International Autodrome circuit within the Hard Rock Stadium. The race consists of 57 laps, each 3.36 miles long. Red Bull’s Max Verstappen set the course lap record in 2023, completing the lap in one minute and 29.708 seconds. This weekend will include a Sprint shootout and a Sprint race on Saturday, in addition to the Grand Prix on Sunday.

October 18-20, Austin, Texas: Pirelli United States Grand Prix

The Circuit of The Americas track in Austin hosted its first United States Grand Prix in 2012. Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc set the current lap record in 2019 with a lap time of one minute and 36.169 seconds. The race consists of 56 laps. Like Miami, the Austin F1 event includes a Saturday Sprint Shootout and Sprint race.

November 21-23, Las Vegas, Nevada: Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix

Run on temporarily closed streets of Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Grand Prix 2024 will be the second F1 event since the Caesars Palace Grand Prix held in 1981 and 1982. After a disastrous first practice event during the 2023 F1 race, the rest of last year’s Las Vegas Grand Prix was considered a success for several reasons, especially for the high speeds and frequent overtaking possible on the newly designed street circuit. McLaren driver Oscar Piastri set the one-minute and 35.49-second record lap time in 2023. Each of the 50 laps is 3.85 miles long.

Pirelli F1 racing tires on Red Bull Racing Formula 1 race car.
Randomwinner / Pixabay

Additional 2024 F1 races in the Americas

The U.S. doesn’t get to host all of the 2024 F1 races in the Americas. Canada, Mexico, and Brazil host races, too.

June 7-9, Montreal, Canada: Grand Prix du Canada

Built on an island in the center of Montreal for the 1967 Expo 67 Worlds Fair and the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics site, the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve hosted its first F1 Grand Prix in 1978. The track is 2.71 miles long, and the race lasts for 70 laps. In 2019, Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas set the current lap record, completing the circuit in one minute and 13.078 seconds. I live in Connecticut, so the Grand Prix du Canada is the 2024 F1 race closest to my home, so I’ll be there.

October 25-27, Mexico City, Mexico: Gran Premio de la Ciudad de Mexico

Autodromo Hermanos Rodriquez, named for two Mexican racing brothers, is the site of the 2024 Grand Prix in Mexico City. The circuit is 2.67 miles long, and the race runs for 71 laps. Valtteri Bottas, driving for Mercedes, set the current lap record in one minute and 17.774 seconds in 2021. This is also the site of the January 13, 2024, opening race in the 2024 Formula E season.

Red Bull team F1 racecar pushing for driver and team championship points.
Michael4Wein / Pixabay

November 1-3, San Paulo, Brazil: Lenovo Grande Premio de San Paulo

Interlagos, or the Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, hosted its first F1 Grand Prix in 1973, but the track was constructed in 1938. Grand Prix drivers complete 71 laps to finish the race. Each lap is 2.68 miles long. In 2019, the same year he set the lap record in Montreal, Valtteri Bottas also set this record, taking just one minute and 10.54 seconds. Like Miami and Austin, the San Paulo race includes a Sprint Shootout and Sprint race on Saturday and Sunday’s Grand Prix.

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