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How to watch Formula E Unplugged to get ready for next season’s races

This is why you should catch up with Formula E Unplugged

FIA Formula E racing advances the development of tires made from sustainable materials.
Fia Formula E / FIA Formula E

On January 2, Formula E Unplugged Series Three will release its behind-the-scenes coverage of Season 9 of Formula E single-seat electric car racing. Officially the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, last year’s schedule saw 11 two-driver teams compete in 16 E-Prix on racetracks and city street circuits in 11 cities worldwide.

Watching Formula E Unplugged is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with Formula E racing or refresh your memory of last year’s competitions to prepare for the first Formula E Season 10 race on January 13 with the Hankook Mexico City E-Prix.

FIA Formula E racing shows that world the excitement of sustainable automotive competition.
FIA Formula E / Fia Formula E

Where to watch Formula E Unplugged

Formula E Unplugged Series Three will be available for viewing from two sources, globally on Formula E’s YouTube channel and in linear channel scheduled programming on Roku. The episode number, length, and content will differ on YouTube and Roku, so you may want to watch each episode.

The content will vary a bit between the two video sources of Formula E Unplugged Series Three, but the episodes will go behind the scenes to spotlight the teams, drivers, team principals, and other team staff. Race highlight clips and commentary about the driver and team Championships for Formula E Season 9 will be highlighted, along with a focus on personalities and rivalries.

The greatest difference between Formula E Unplugged and F1: Drive to Survive is Netflix doesn’t bleep out the F-bombs.

Formula E YouTube channel

Starting on January 2, 2024, the complete Series Three Formula E Unplugged will be available for streaming on the Formula E YouTube channel. There are ten episodes with an average running length of 15 minutes.

Roku linear channel scheduled Formula E Unplugged programming

The Roku linear channel content for Formula E Unplugged Series Three consists of eight episodes that average 25 minutes. Linear channels offer content on a traditional schedule rather than on-demand streaming. You’ll have to check your Roku channel programming schedule to learn the broadcast times for each episode.

Formula E World Championship races.
Courtesy Formula E / Formula E

How to watch Formula E Unplugged Series One and Two now

Suppose you’re impatient to learn more about Formula E racing like I am. In that case, you don’t need to wait for Series Three because you can stream all Formula E Unplugged Series One and Two episodes on the FIA Formula E website.

Two formula e race cars on the track.

Formula E Unplugged vs. Netflix F1: Drive to Survive

Like the Netflix series F1: Drive to Survive, which helped spread interest in Formula 1 racing, Formula E Unplugged builds awareness of Formula E all-electric car racing. If you have watched episodes of F1: Drive to Survive, Formula E Unplugged will feel familiar with the type of content, including following drivers into and behind pit garages when they want to get away from the cameras to vent.

You’ll see Formula E team crews cheering victories large and small and shaking their heads in dismay at mistakes and failures. The coverage also includes clips of cockpit views during races, complete with driver-to-driver-manager in-car radio conversations. Besides Unplugged‘s shorter episode length, the greatest difference between Formula E Unplugged and F1: Drive to Survive is Netflix doesn’t bleep out the F-bombs.

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