7 Coolest Boats, Yachts, and Subs to Celebrate National Maritime Day

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May 22 is National Maritime Day in the United States, celebrated on the same day the first-ever transoceanic voyage under steam power chugged from the United States to England. This epic trip was done back in 1819 by the American steamship, the Savannah. U.S. Congress later declared Maritime Day an official holiday in 1933.

What does National Maritime Day celebrate?

In essence, the maritime industry. Aka, the entire economic system created to transfer people or goods across bodies of water. Or for lack of better words, the awesomeness of boats. Celebrations often include memorial services, boat tours, family picnics, and maritime street fairs — but we’re celebrating by ogling a range of gorgeous, rugged, classic, modern, and down-right badass boats that, coincidentally, are available for sale. You celebrate Halloween with a bag of candy, why not Maritime Day with a new sailboat or yacht?

New. Favorite. Holiday.

Ida Pfeiffer

The epitome of cool, 14 passengers fit on this motorized black yacht built to cruise in some of the most frigid waters on the planet. Imagine speeding along to an excess of 7,000-plus miles with fully stabilized comfort, while carrying on board a H135 Helicopter hanger, two rescue boats, a dive support boat, two cars, an Icon waterplane, and plenty of room to bask in luxury (note the loungers set up toward the bow). Retreat to the extravagant owner’s suite or one of the five VIP cabins if you get too overwhelmed by just how much cargo this diesel-electric mammoth can shoulder.

Larson Falls Flyer 14

Like an automobile connoisseur, it’s often the worn-down, vintage models that require some love and attention that win our favor — like this old-school 1956 gas-powered Falls Flyer. Originally made to be a pleasure boat, the red-and-white design holds on to this sporty and leisure purpose, while matching leather seats and a single windshield finish off the sports car-esque detailing. With a solid frame, fixing up this vintage gem sounds like fun on its own.

Galaxy of Happiness

The name of this Latitude Yachts, zero-emission cruising boat says it all. Imagine the Millennium Falcon made for the ocean instead of the deep recesses of space. Almost bird-like in its design, the Galaxy of Happiness is a high-speed, high-stability, luxury gentleman’s yacht that uses 40-percent less energy than a conventional mono yacht without sacrificing bougie upgrades like a top-floor, open Jacuzzi. We’re mesmerized by this footage of the Galaxy in-action. It’s just … so beautiful.


Transport by way of water doesn’t necessarily mean above water. SEAmagine wants to take its seafarers beneath the waves with this five-person luxury submarine noted by its massive unobstructed view that surrounds the front, sides, and top of the passenger seats. The feel is like being in the wild underwater world as opposed to just viewing it from afar. When surfacing, this submarine has a high freeboard that creates a stable platform for passengers to walk on. Handrails come up from the deck, making it extra safe and secure while boarding. If five’s a crowd, SEAmagine also makes two-, three-, and four-person subs.


Honestly, there is nothing so classically romantic as a sailboat named after a great woman. Enter: Marie. Custom-built in the Netherlands to an Andre Hoek design (the super-boss of yacht development) by Vitters in 2010, Marie continues to break hearts from sea to sea, captivating us with giant sails and a ketch design (Maritime lingo for a two-masted sailing craft whose mainmast is taller than the mizzen mast). Seriously though — Marie’s sails carry a 33,500-square-foot area of sail. So, to answer your next question, yes, this baby is fast. The design is optimal for smooth sailing thanks to the stable hull. The interior is open-plan with traditional features like miniature cannons, muskets, and even a suit of armor, throwing a nod to the Golden Age of high-seas exploration. Below deck, the dining area boasts an oval table and a Steinway baby grand piano.

Jet Capsule

While we love giant and grand maritime vessels, Jet Capsule— the smart-car of the ocean— is equally as impressive. Made with a fiberglass frame and hull (aka super lightweight), this battery- and electric-powered mini speedboat is a personal pod for the man who seeks solitude on the open water. And this little guy is pretty fast, reaching 40 mph thanks to the HamiltonJet propulsion system. Inside, there’s more space than you’d think possible, with both a bathroom, kitchen, and seating. This hyper-futuristic mini-yacht will no doubt make its debut in some action film or another soon enough. Just look at it!

Tropical Island Paradise

No need to disembark to reach your tropical island paradise. Yacht Island Design is making the beach a part of your boat. Still in project mode (gives us time to save up), the concept of Tropical Island Paradise was to “create an idyllic, floating island, with all the features of a tropical island getaway built into the design,” says the company on its website. Elements of this luxury yacht include actual palm trees, a mountain andwaterfall feature, palapa huts, and a grand stairway leading down to lounge cabanas and jet ski access — and that’s just on the outside.

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