The AEV OutPost II Is Your Dream Off-Road Jeep Wrangler, But You Can’t Have It

Off-roading is a blast, but the terrain can take a toll on your ride. Even the best off-road cars succumb to wear and tear, which is why folks turn to an outfitter like American Expedition Vehicles (AEV). For nearly two decades, the Michigan-based brand has been crafting custom jobs and offering after-market parts to the most hardcore off-roaders and overlanders around the world, specializing in Jeep Wranglers and Ram 1500, 2500HD, and 3500 HD.

These turnkey adventure-mobiles are certainly drool-worthy, but the project that has really caught our eye is the OutPost II, a concept vehicle by AEV founder and president Dave Harriton.

Picture a Jeep Wrangler. Now add a bunch of sweet off-road gear and accessories — the best wheels, lights, suspension, and so on. Then replace the rear of the vehicle — everything after the driver and passenger seats — with a camper, turning the Wrangle into what is, essentially, a smaller, more badass RV.

The 750-lb custom camper with roof rack was designed to fit two intrepid adults and a dog. Harriton has decked out the Outpost II with an indoor/outdoor kitchen set-up with a steel stove, a 50-liter refrigerator and freezer, an extendable awning, and motion-sensor lighting for outside. The solar panel-covered camper stretches upward thanks to an electric pop-top made of a breathable material (small windows also help with ventilation). In addition to the 265-watt solar panel system, the vehicle comes with a water heater, gasoline-powered air heater, and LED lighting.

Additional features include a spare tire, stability jacks, a rear camera, Maxtrax (in case you get stuck), and room for 22 gallons of water. And of course, the OutPost II boasts wicked AEV parts: front and rear bumpers, a 4.5-inch suspension, Borah Beadlock Wheels, a snorkel with a pre-filter, and, most importantly, a 5.7-liter HEMI engine with an A580 transmission.

Jealous? So are we, because this vehicle is a one-off. For now, AEV has no plans to turn the OutPost into a production vehicle. If you want a similar set-up for your Wrangler, you’ll have to handle the camper portion on your own, but AEV is there for all your off-road needs.

Images courtesy of AEV.


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