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2025 BMW 3 series: Mild hybrids with chassis tuned for sportiness and comfort

BMW continues to refine and improve the 3 Series Sedan comfort and sportiness

2025 BMW 3 Series direct front view driving on a mountain road.

A 50th birthday can be a good time to pause and consider one’s life, accomplishments, and future goals—for people, maybe. BMW, however, isn’t contemplating strategic shifts for the 2025 3 Series as the model celebrates its 5oth anniversary. BMW launched the first generation 3 Series in June 1975.

The 2025 3 Series wasn’t due for a dramatic upgrade—the current seventh-generation platform debuted in 2022. To celebrate the commencement of its sixth decade, however, the 2025 3 Series will be dressed up with new exterior and interior details, including a new curved display. It’s BMW, however, so the updates aren’t just about appearance. BMW also re-tuned the 2025 3 Series chassis to further refine its blend of sportiness and comfort.

Why the BMW 3 Series matters

2025 BMW 3 Series left fron three-quarter view parked on an airport runway.

BMW also recently released the details for the related but different, high-performance 2025 M3 Sedans. BMW originally introduced M3 Sedans to sell enough street-legal versions so BMW could race them in Group A touring competitions. The 3 Series, however, wasn’t built to race but as an entry-level luxury car for drivers who valued performance but didn’t aspire to a track-ready vehicle. The 3 Series is the best-selling BMW model, good for approximately 30% of each year’s sales, according to Good Car Bad Car.

2025 BMW 3 Series: Significant changes

2025 BMW 3 Series interior shot showing driver cockpit and dashboard.

The 3 Series engines both have 48V mild hybrid technology. The 2025 330i and all-wheel driver 330i xDrive have a 2.2-liter inline 4-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine that makes 255 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. The 3-liter turbocharged 6-cylinder engines in the 2025 M340i and M340i xDrive add 11 hp of boost to increase the output to 386 hp and 398 lb-ft of torque.

The 2025 3 Series has new exterior color and interior trim choices, new wheels, and redesigned steering wheels. New interior lighting choices enable drivers to select a suitable lighting mode. The 3 Series also has a new curved digital display with an updated user interface in the new BMW Operating System 8.5.

BMW updated and stiffened the mounting connectors for the rear dampers to improve handling and comfort. Due to the improved handling dynamics, BMW could also lower the steering effort for the Comfort driving mode.

The 2025 BMW 3 Series Sedans will begin production in August 2024. Starting prices (including destination and handling fees) for the four models that will be available in the U.S. are:

  • 2025 BMW 330i, $46,675
  • 2025 BMW 330i xDrive, $48,675
  • 2025 BMW M340i, $60,775
  • 2025 BMW M340i xDrive, $62,775
2025 BMW 3 Series left profile shot parked perpendicularly to an airport runway.

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