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New Mercedes-AMG CLE 53 Coupe has wider stance, increased horsepower, arrives in 2024

What you need to know about the new CLE 53 Coupe

The 2024 Mercedes-AMG CLE 53 Coupe (european model)

The new Mercedes-AMG CLE will bring more power, stability, and a host of other high-end features when it hits the road in 2024. Powering it all is a mild hybrid 3. o liter inline-six engine that Mercedes’ storied performance department AMG has had a tinker with. As a result, the New Mercedes-AMG CLE 53 Coupe can go from 0 to 40 in just four seconds and has an electronically limited top speed of 155.

Part of the performance boost is down to the auxiliary compressor, which allows a larger turbocharger to be fitted and can provide higher torque over a wider range of speeds. This, in turn, is assisted by an electric motor, boosting things even further. Alongside its 443 horsepower, the CLE’s engine can produce 413 lb-ft of torque, which can be upped to 443 lb-ft for up to 12 seconds thanks to overboost. All of that then goes through AMG’s AMG SPEEDSHIFT TCT 9G transmission system.

The vehicle’s front and rear fenders also pop out 2.3 and 3.0 inches, respectively when compared to the non-AMG version of the car. This helps accommodate the generous 19-inch standard or 20-inch optional rims that come fitted with the new CLE. The wider stance also plays into the overall body shape of the CLE 53 Coupe, blending with the shark nose and aerodynamic tweaks that both improve performance and give the vehicle its unique look.

Mercedes-AMG’s new CLE 53 Coupe isn’t all about power. There’s no point in giving a vehicle a lot of grunt if it drives like a paving slab on casters. So, as you can imagine, a lot of effort has gone into ensuring the CLE 53 Coupe is pretty easy to drive despite its generous amount of grunt.

Mercedes-AMG CLE 53 Coupe engine

Other high-end features included

As with many high-end vehicles these days, the new Mercedes-AMG CLE also comes with rear-axel steering. This complex feature involves giving the back wheels the ability to turn slightly and greatly improves vehicle maneuverability. It also improves stability when you’re changing lanes or performing a similar action at high speed.

Then there’s the AWD system. Mercedes’ 4Matic+ which distributes torque based on a combination of the car’s settings and driving situation. For instance, in the sports setting, torque distribution is biased towards the rear wheels. Similarly, in situations where the car thinks AWD is unnecessary, the front axle will be decoupled entirely in an attempt to boost fuel efficiency. The suspension is suited for agility rather than comfort, though different damper tunings come with the vehicle’s different performance modes. Three-stage steering, which also adapts to the driver’s choice of mode, is also present — further increasing the amount of control available.

On top of everything else, the CLE comes with the latest generation of Mercedes’ MBUX infotainment system. So you can sit packed in your napa leather-covered seats, relax, and let a GPT-powered voice assistant take care of your infotainment needs.

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