Satiate Your Senses in Sedona, AZ

Written by Cator Sparks Posted on January 24, 2013

Heading out West is one of those Great American adventures that people speak about globally. It’s grand gazing out at the Grand Canyon at sunrise to eyeing wildlife at Yosemite. But one place we have found that really spoke to us is Sedona, Arizona.

Yeah, we know it’s known as a Mother Earth, crystals and energy fields kind of place, but we kind of dig that too. Who hasn’t enjoyed running into a hippy playing bongos in the middle of a canyon next to a peaceful stream and epic sunset? There is also plenty of hiking, horseback riding, balloon rides and loads of festivals such as the International Film Festival in February, The Festival of Native American Culture in June and the Jazz on the Rocks Festival in October.

We shacked up at the L’Auberge de Sedona, recently raved about by readers choice in Conde Nast Traveller for it’s French Provincial vibe, excellent food and stellar service. Nestled on the banks of Oak Creek, it is located in town yet feels like a hidden retreat.

Be sure to catch their star gazer who sets up his massive telescope after dinner and shows guest constellations, planets and moons that we had never heard of. Truly surreal.

A highlight to our trip was a Pink Jeep Tour. Don’t get frightened by the name as the company is anything but a sissy ride through the mountains. We off roaded straight up rocky canyons, flew down steep mountains and had an excellent guide explain the million year old history of the area as well as answer many questions about the native wildlife and mystic stories. (Note: Don’t ever jump on one with a hangover. Massive regret. Huge.)

We dove into the cosmic side of things too and met with one helluva  psychic  named BakeR. She can guide a meditation, perform Reiki or give you a  psychic reading. It’s hard to come to a place like Sedona and not take advantage of every aspect of the town.  With so many activities and restful retreats  it is the pitch perfect place for couples.

  • andregendron

    Always nice to see someone else discover our treasure little town. Thank you Cator and hope to meet with you on your next trip.


    Dear Cator,
    Thank you for your referral! And please don’t forget my great passion is Spiritual Life Coaching. I thrive on watching people transform their lives, it is a great honor to help with the process.

    Also a note for those of you traveling to Sedona…there are many,many psychics, intuitives, healers etc. in Sedona. And just like in any other profession there are scam artists and fakes here. So how do you find a trustworthy healing professional in Sedona? Call me for referrals on other modalities 602.999.2493, or check out the Sedona Metaphysical and Spiritual Association, all our members are held to high standards

    Be wary of any psychic who does a reading and then suggests for an extra $100+ she/he will help your loved one cross over etc. Sometimes there are instances where my spirit guide or yours will suggest that you see another healer, but this is very limited and I am extremely careful that this suggestion is in integrity. Always follow your heart or your gut, use your own intuition to find the right person for you. A pendulum or muscle testing is a good way to check the answer as well.

    There’s a joke here in Sedona: God created the Grand Canyon, but she lives in Sedona!

    Namaste, BakeR