These Natural Deodorants Work

Deodorants keep you from smelling rank by killing odor causing bacteria. They don’t stop you from sweating, only an antiperspirant can do that and most contain Aluminum. Aluminum has been linked to both breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease although according to WebMD neither has been proven. If you’re concerned about harmful toxins and prefer to live as chemical free as possible, try one of these all-natural deodorants that will keep you smelling fresh and clean.

All Good Deodorant

Proving you can be both scientifically innovative and all natural at the same time, All Good introduces their new line of hard working deodorants. Tea Tree & Basil and Cedarwood & Spruce are masculine scents made with organically grown ingredients. These deodorants go on smooth thanks to a non-GMO sugarcane based propanediol. They also include calendula for its antibacterial and soothing properties as well as organic aloe vera leaf to prevent irritation. Naturally occurring enzymes break down sweat molecules to fight order and wetness. How’s that for harnessing the power of nature?

Sam’s Natural Deodorants

These deodorants are made with a unique combination of essential oils, butters and natural oils. With a bunch of scents to choose from like Cedar, Sandalwood and Sport this chemical free formula kills body odor using all natural ingredients. Each handcrafted stick is prepared in a small batch. Low inventory means fresher product and more quality control. Store it in a cool dry place and yours will last seven to ten months.

Kent & Bond

We love this organic, aluminum-free deodorant from Kent & Bond. Bentonite Clay is the secret ingredient that kills underarm bacteria and absorbs moisture. Tea Tree Essential Oil lends a deep woods earthy scent that stops odor in its tracks. Hold the stick against your skin for a few seconds to soften the formula. Swipe your underarms daily and you’ll smell as fresh as the great outdoors.

Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Men’s Mountain Spring Deodorant

Tom’s of Maine has been living green since 1970. You can trust this deodorant will keep you smelling good for a full twenty-four hours. Its fresh scent is 100% natural and contains botanical hops to deter the odor-causing bacteria and zinc ricinoleate to absorb odor.

For Pit’s Sake! From G.B. Proudfoots

For Pit’s Sake! wants to change the way you feel about natural deodorants. The Lime & Clove scented version has a fresh, masculine scent that will get you through the day. Be prepared, the texture is little different than the usual deodorants. The good news is that you need only half the amount than your normal stick and it will last twice as long. Know someone that can use a little freshening up? Send them an anonymous “Deodorgram” to clear the air.

Burt’s Bees Natural Skincare for Men Deodorant

Citrus, woodsy Cyprus and Warm Fir combined with odor fighting botanicals make up this powerful and energizing natural deodorant. But, super absorbent Cornstarch is the real hero ingredient.