What to Wear: Labor Day

What to wear Labor Day

It’s the last weekend of the summer season — and you know what that means. Beach, barbecues, pool and all those other last bits of summer that are left. What are you doing this Labor Day weekend? We’re packing our bags and heading somewhere nice and relaxing before we have to return to our hectic lives.

Now you know what they say about Labor Day — that you can’t wear white after that. Now whether you choose to break that rule or not is up to you, but you might as well get the most out of your whites before the deadline, right? For our Labor Day look we went with something a little quirky and fun. We opted not to go the all-white route, instead we inflecting bits of it throughout, like in the polka dots on the Jack Spade shorts and the Neil M. oxford shoes, finishing off the ensemble with a pink — yes it’s perfectly acceptable for guys to wear the hue — Remi Relief cardigan, a light blue collared Jil Sander shirt, cool Warby Parker shades and a simple, yet stylish Kris Van Assche (he’s also the creative director of Dior Homme) belt.

You better take advantage; most of the items are on sale because it’s that time of year when all the spring/summer merchandise gets marked down, so start stocking up for next year! Happy Labor Day!

Clockwise, L-R: Remi Relief Cardigan, $238 at farfetch.com; Jil Sander Short Sleeve Shirt, $139 at barneyswarehouse.com; Jack Spade Busby Shorts, $110.55 at nordstrom.com; Warby Parker Sayles Sunglasses, $95 without prescription, $150 with, at warbyparker.com; Neil M. Camridge Oxfords, $209.99 at shoes.com; Kris Van Assche Belt, $164 at thecorner.com.