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Taylor Tobin

Taylor Tobin

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Taylor Tobin is a freelance food, drink, and lifestyle writer based in Brooklyn. She's contributed content to publications like Insider, HuffPost, Eater, Observer, Apartment Therapy, Wine Enthusiast, and Elite Daily. She loves bikes, books, and bourbon (not necessarily in that order), and her go-to cocktail is the Old Fashioned. Please reach out to The Manual editorial staff with any questions or comments about Taylor’s work.

Hot honey on meat

How to make your own hot honey at home (so you can add it to your food and drinks)

"Hot honey" refers to an infusion of hot peppers (either fresh or dried) added to honey (either pasteurized or raw). Find out how to make your own.
rose wine cooking recipe kitchen

How to cook with rosé wine, according to chefs

According to our expert sources, rosé has just as much relevance as a cooking wine as its red and white counterparts.
A trio of whiskeys

9 perfect scotches to sip on warm days

There’s no reason to abandon your Scotch preference on warm summer days, especially because numerous distilleries make lighter expressions.
White beans

10 refreshing summer dishes featuring white beans

For a simple and versatile protein that won’t weigh you down, beans make a worthy addition to any summertime shopping list for easy-to-follow recipes.
best pumpkin coffee beers

The 6 Best Pumpkin Coffee Beers You Need to Find Right Now

A boozy take on pumpkin spice lattes, we round up the best pumpkin coffee beers to drink this season and beyond.
Fit Men Cook by Kevin Curry

10 Must-Read Cookbooks by Black Chefs

Whether you're looking for soul or southern, vegan or baked goods, this list of the top cookbooks written by Black chefs will be able to help you out.
Maple Dojo

7 Maple Cocktails to Enjoy This 2021

The comforting, nostalgia-inducing flavor of maple becomes especially appealing on a hot day. Here are the 7 maple cocktails, all approved by bartenders.
Watermelon strawberry kiwi bowle in garden

9 Delicious Punch Recipes By Adults, For Adults

It's time to let go of childish ways and childish punch recipes. Here are 9 punch recipes from professionals that won't make you feel you're at a keg party.
easy cornbread recipes skillet

7 Easy Cornbread Recipes for Your Next Cookout

As one of the most essential elements of a well-conceived barbecue spread, cornbread manages to serve several useful functions: It’s a carb sponge (and more)!
how to make a spiked milkshake 2021

How To Make A Perfect Spiked Milkshake in 2022

Spirited shakes are a pretty common sight on restaurant dessert lists, but they’re also easy to re-create at home, as long as you have the right resources.
hurricane milk punch cocktail recipe

The Best Rums For Hurricanes, According to Bartenders

If you want to capture the Mardi Gras spirit without hopping on a flight, pick up one (or more) of these Hurricane-perfect bottles of rum.
mangoneada slushy

For a Grown-Up Spin on a Slushy, Try A Mangoneada

Mangoneada, also known as chamango or mangonada, is a Mexican dessert-cum-cocktail that is fresh, vibrant, and perfect. Here's how to make it.
bocce ball backyard couple

How to Turn Your Backyard Into a Bocce Bar

Maximize the beautiful spring and summer weather by building your own bocce setup, as long as you have a reasonably flat lawn and a bit of determination.
Pumpkin Ginger Chicken Soup Recipe Savory Spin

How to Make the Perfect Chicken Soup, According to Chefs

The key to a delicious and soothing chicken soup is the willingness to play with your food and experiment. Take a look at these chicken soup recipes and tips.
irish coffee

The 10 Best Whiskies for Irish Coffee This 2022

Want to take your Irish coffee to the next level this 2022? To get you started, we asked bartenders for their picks for the best whiskey for Irish coffee
An Old Fashioned cocktail.

The 10 Best Spirits For Old Fashioneds, According To Bartenders

We asked 10 bartenders for their top Old Fashioned spirits recommendations, and they provided a broad range of suggestions to suit every taste and preference.
usa cocktail wild ink bar

The Essential Guide to Cocktail Sweeteners

Bartenders give advice for picking high-quality sweeteners and about which versions don’t merit a spot on your at-home bar cart. 
what is mezcal de pechuga

A Guide to Understanding Mezcal de Pechuga

Mezcal often garners comparisons to Scotch whisky, and this agave spirit is popular throughout the U.S. and all over the world.
Whoopie Pie

Everything You Need To Know About Whoopie Pies

Whoopie pies are essentially the Oreo’s lesser-known but superior cousin. Here's a recipe to make your own at home.

The 12 Best Spirits For Gimlets, According To Bartenders

Like most classic cocktails, this drink benefits from a bit of creativity and an open-minded attitude.

How To Make A Perfect Bouillabaisse At Home

A rich seafood stew packed with fresh seafood and seasoned with bold aromatics like anise, fennel, and saffron, bouillabaisse is an easy recipe to make.
New Mexico Green Chiles

Everything You Need To Know About New Mexico Green Chiles

The most vital ingredient in Southwestern cuisine has to be New Mexico green chiles.
how to make homemade bagels 1

How to Make Homemade Bagels in 2022

Turning dough into tasty bagels is easier than you think.
Smoky Pumpkin Bisque

Best Savory Dishes To Make With Pumpkin, According To Chefs

Chefs offer their favorite pumpkin-based soups, entrees, and savory dishes for fall.
pate cooking guide sazerac terrine photo credit denny culbert

Everything You Need To Know About Homemade Pâté

Pâté is a French term used to describe a dish made from a mixture of ground meat and fat.
woodford reserve baccarat edition whiskey bar21

Would you pay $2,000 for this Kentucky Whiskey?

Woodford Reserve teamed up with Baccarat Crystal for an ultra luxurious whiskey.
summer beers

The 11 Best New Summer Beers for 2022

Summer 2022 is already shaping up to be an eventful season, and even in the large-scale absence of beach fêtes, block parties, and street festivals, we’ll find plenty of opportunities to crack open a cold one.
what is appalachian cuisine crawfish  okra fritters 2

What Exactly Is Appalachian Cuisine?

Appalachia is a diverse and multifaceted area that defies easy definition, while at the same time producing remarkable dishes, restaurants, and chefs.
us based hispanic chefs to know paola velez

10 U.S.-Based Hispanic Chefs You Need To Know

A comprehensive list of every notable Hispanic chef would cover dozens of pages and we acknowledge that we’re hardly scraping the surface.
Hugo Ortega

Without Hispanic Workers, Restaurants As We Know Them Would Cease To Exister

We spoke with chefs and hospitality leaders who claim Hispanic heritage, and each one agrees that Hispanic employees play an integral role in the industry.
jerome bettis

Super Bowl Champ Jerome Bettis Tells You How To Tap Into The Fighting Spirit

Patience, perseverance, and endurance feel more important now than ever before, and those three qualities happened to play a major role in the career of Jerome 'The Bus Bettis.
german liqueurs spirits for oktoberfest 10 and

Celebrate Oktoberfest With These 10 German Spirits And Liqueurs

While German beers and wines get plenty of attention, German liquors and liqueurs don’t tend to enjoy the same level of fame among American drinkers.
Vino Veritas Wine Bar and Bottle Shop

Restaurant Closures Won’t Stop Sommeliers From Sharing Their Knowledge

A current lack of on-site opportunities threatens the livelihoods of service professionals specific to “high-end” service, like sommeliers.
seedstock historical beer revival 1

At Denver’s Seedstock Brewery, Everything Old Is New Again

Seedstock doesn’t devote its entire beer repertoire to styles that you’ll find at every other artisanal brewery. Instead, Abbott and his colleagues specialize in “historic” beers.
restaurant quality recipes at home insalata di rucola with prosciutto san daniele

Chef Andrew Carmellini Tells You How To Make Restaurant-Caliber Dishes At Home

Food lovers are finding themselves eagerly seeking out ways to get their hands on chef-caliber meals, even if their only options involve rolling up their sleeves.
Second Self Beer Co

What Does It Mean to Be a Beer City?

We consulted expert sources (i.e. brewers and beer bartenders) and collected a list of 10 established beer cities, 4 promising up-and-comers.
processed cheese is not a guilty pleasure

Why Processed Cheese Doesn’t Need To Be A Guilty Pleasure

Processed cheese products get a lot of hate from gourmands, but I’m willing to go on record with the following statement: In the right context, processed cheese is a powerful force.
Walker Feed Co. cocktail mixes

Are Store-Bought Cocktail Mixes Ever Worth Buying?

When it comes to time-saving innovations in the world of home bartending, the easy availability of pre-made cocktail mixes counts among the longest-standing and most popular.
Bloody Mary cocktail with lime

The Best Spirits For Bloody Marys, According To Bartenders

The Bloody Mary’s iconic status as a brunch menu fixture is a testament to its bold flavors ... in addition to its hangover-defeating properties.
succotash summer recipes

Succotash Might Be The Most In-Season Summer Side Dish Ever

Succotash can be found in cuisines spanning the Eastern seaboard, but the American South truly claimed it for its own in the decades during and following the Great Depression.
grilled cocktails labor day peach cocktail

8 Grilled Cocktails To Enjoy This Labor Day Weekend

Fire-toasted fruits and herbs also make brilliant additions to cocktails
Chef Alvin Cailan

The Burger Show’s Alvin Cailan Shares His Burger-Making Secrets

The Burger Show's Alvin Cailan knows a thing or two about what it takes to make a perfect hamburger.
Curried Peach Soup

All Soup For You: 8 Refreshing Chilled Soups To Add To Your Summer Menu

Lightweight, energizing, and packed with seasonal produce and bright summer flavors, the eight soups we’re featuring here make excellent weekday lunches or suppers.
heirloom tomato guide tomatoes with bread and sardines

Everything You Need To Know About Heirloom Tomatoes

What sets heirloom tomatoes apart from their mass-market equivalents? Our curiosity led us to consult both professional gardeners and chefs to get the full scoop.
best cheap vodkas under 20 dollars vodka

The 8 Best Cheap Vodka Brands Under $20

These eight vodka brands deliver a clean, well-balanced drinking experience for under $20 a bottle. 
california burrito

California Burritos Are the Perfect Culinary Hybrid

While you may have stuffed your face with countless burritos over the years, can you say you've really lived without trying a California burrito? (No, you can't.)
how to make spiked sweet tea

How To Make The Best Spiked Sweet Tea

This form of refreshment is neatly summed up by its name; the only strictly necessary ingredients for a sweet tea come in the form of iced tea and sugar.
2 icebox cake recipes coconut chocolate

For An Easy Summer Dessert, Try Icebox Cake

No, it’s not technically a 'cake.' This no-bake dessert has more in common with a trifle or a pudding than with a traditional cake.
ratatouille recipe

It’s About Time To Learn To Make Ratatouille

As it happens, one of the finest culinary platforms for seasonal summer produce comes in the form of a traditionally slow-cooked French dish -- ratatouille.
how to make diy klondike bars bar

How To Make A Homemade Klondike Bar

This compact dessert -- vanilla ice cream enrobed in a chocolate shell and presented in a handheld foil fold -- is a prime example of the value of simplicity.