Win a Dog-Friendly Reno Tahoe Getaway to Celebrate National Puppy Day

win a dog friendly reno tahoe getaway to celebrate national puppy day renaissance gone contest
Courtesy of Reno Tahoe

The only thing better than travel is free to travel, and the only thing better than free travel is free travel with your dog. To celebrate National Puppy Day on March 23 (don’t pretend you didn’t already know), the dog-friendly destination of Reno Tahoe (the Lake Taho region of Reno, Nevada) is giving owners a chance at a three-day getaway complete with beer, a brewery tour, and even personalized street art of your furry companion. To enter, all you need is a dog, a love of naturally beautiful destinations, and an Instagram account.

The aptly named Dog-Gone Reno Tahoe Contest is a dream weekend for one dog and their owner. The winner will score a two-night stay at the pup-friendly Renaissance Reno hotel and roundtrip airfare (worth up to $500) from their preferred airport. Once in town, Lead Dog Brewing will provide a private brewery tour, a beer flight, and a full meal. The trip wraps with a custom created street mural of the winner’s dog painted by a local Reno muralist.

win a dog friendly reno tahoe getaway to celebrate national puppy day street art gone contest
Courtesy of Reno Tahoe

Cities reveal a lot about their character by their level of dog-friendliness. Chattanooga, Breckenridge, and Portland (Maine and Oregon) — all dog-friendly, all awesome. Reno Tahoe is no different. It’s the sort of outdoor playground where people stand-up paddleboard with their dogs, restaurants always keep dog treats on hand, and many area hotels like the Whitney Park Hotel don’t just accept pets but welcome them. Renaissance Reno, for example, offers a stay package that includes a puppy pizza party and a doggie bed sleepover in the Presidential Suite. Local restaurant Wild River Grille donates a healthy portion of their proceeds to the SPCA and Nevada Humane Society. The city also hosts the annual DogFest Reno to help raise money to provide service dogs to those in need.

To enter the Dog-Gone Reno Tahoe Contest, just post a picture of you with your pup to Instagram on March 23, 2019. Be sure to hashtag it with #NationalPuppyDay and tag @RenRenoDowntown and @RenoTahoe.

Don’t yet have a dog of your own? Talk to the TSA who has plenty of unemployed bomb-sniffing dogs in search of a good home.

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