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Arctic Road Trip: You Can Now Drive to the ‘Top of the World’ Year-Round

top of the world
Image courtesy of the Government of Northwest Territories
Amid its 150th anniversary in 2017, Canada made a big push to let foreigners know the country has a lot more to offer than just Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto. The latest announcement is an exciting one for travelers in general, and for road-trippers in particular. For the first time ever, it’s now possible to drive to the Arctic coast — to the top of Canada — year-round.

The so-called “Road to the Top of the World” (aka the Mackenzie Valley Highway) completes a final stretch of street that connects two tiny, remote communities in the Northwest Territories. It stretches 80 miles from Inuvik in the south to Tuktoyaktuk (“Tuk” to locals) on the edge of Canada’s “third coast” — the Arctic Ocean — in the north. The rolling tundra landscape against which the $300-million road is set is stark, unforgiving, and eerily beautiful. It’s the perfect backdrop for road-trippers seeking a new and adventurous overland journey in the country’s often unreachable northernmost outposts.

For example, from Chicago, drivers will need to traverse more than 3,700 miles, passing through the Yukon Territory via Canada’s legendary Dempster Highway before reaching the Arctic coast. To drive through hundreds or thousands of miles of tundra and boreal forest, over bridges and pristine streams, and reach the world’s most remote ocean by car is a truly memorable journey.

First whispers of the road began making the rounds of Canada’s Northwest Territories more than half a century ago. The road is both sorely needed and wanted by the remote region’s residents. Until now, Tuk was largely isolated from the rest of the country for all but four months out of the year. During this time, a fragile ice road was the town’s only lifeline for supplies and overland transport. Travelers on the road often shared space with more polar bears and snowmobiles than with other automobile traffic. Due to climate change, the season for the ice road has shrunk considerably. In warmer months, expensive charter flights were the only viable way in or out.

Since the road’s construction was confirmed in 2014, many locals spent years preparing by bolstering the area’s tourist infrastructure. The town committed substantial resources to pretty up park benches, traffic signs, public facilities, and to develop better facilities for recreational vehicles. The only bed and breakfast in town even added new rooms to welcome travelers. Needless to say, they’re excited.

The Road to the Top of the World officially opened on November 15, 2017, amid a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Inuvik.

Image courtesy of the Government of Northwest Territories.

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Along with the cheap tchotchkes bought at roadside stops; pictures of hiking, fishing, and barbecuing; and happy memories, there is another souvenir we all bring back from a trip: A carbon footprint. No one wants to think about the fact that their much-looked-forward-to annual trip harms the environment and the places they visit, but it does. And although driving a car has less environmental impact than flying, it still leaves a mark. It’s not just the gas emissions -- there’s all the trash that’s produced from weeks on the road, too. But with a little advanced planning, there are numerous ways to make your road trip more sustainable. Here are some of the best ways to have a sustainable, eco-friendly road trip this 2022.
Pack Light and Smart
Weighing down your car with tons of luggage will reduce its efficiency and use up fuel faster, requiring more stops at gas stations. So be smart with your packing, and only pack the essentials while keeping things tight and efficient. 
Brings Reusable Water Bottles
This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often it’s the smallest things that get forgotten at home. Bringing along reusable water bottles eliminates the need to constantly buy single-use water bottles at gas stations and grocery stores along the way. Plus, it’s healthier for you. Plastic water bottles left in warm cars can leach dangerous chemicals into the water. So make sure that reusable bottles are at the top of your do-not-forget list! 
Get Your Car Tuned Up
Another way to keep fuel costs and gas stops to a minimum is by making sure your car is tuned up and in tip-top shape before heading out. That means checking and tuning up the engine, ensuring that your tires are inflated to the correct pressure, and making sure that the gas cap screws on properly (missing or broken gas caps reduce fuel efficiency and release harmful fumes from your tank into the air). So give your vehicle a good checkup before heading out, and it will help both you and the environment.
Use Cruise Control
Make your gas last longer and take you farther by engaging cruise control while out on the highway, maintaining a steady, constant speed that will maximize your fuel consumption. Fewer fuel fill-ups mean fewer harmful emissions being sent out into the air. 
Plan Your Route in Advance
I know it’s not as fun as just hitting the road with a destination in mind and seeing where the highway takes you, but going on long-winded detours or constantly having to backtrack adds up to more fuel and emissions. Mapping and plotting your route in advance will save you gas and limit emissions.
Pack Reusable Bags and Containers
When you’re on a road trip, you’re constantly stopping in stores to pick up supplies, eating at diners and restaurants, and doing some fun souvenir shopping from time to time. All those plastic bags and to-go containers add up, so just make sure to bring your reusable bags to the grocery store. Don’t forget to bring them along on your road trip as well. That goes for food and storage containers, too -- less to-go styrofoam containers in landfills!

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Sierra Designs Borrego Hybrid Jacket

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