Celebrate Your Single-ness This Valentine’s Day with a Cheap Vacation

Genevieve Poblano/The Manual

National 7-Eleven Day, National Eat Your Beans Day, National Thrift Shop Day — it seems every year brings a slew of new fake holidays. But with Valentine’s Day around the corner and the inevitable crush of your committed friends’ melodramatic romance posts blowing up your social media feeds, we can fully get behind Singles Awareness Day (also on February 14). Nothing underscores your alone-ness like V-Day, which is why “SAD” as it’s known (it has its own Wikipedia page, so it must be real) is a way for proud singles to thumb their noses at traditional sappy Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Embracing that spite usually comes in the form of attending singles’ events, volunteering, treating oneself with gifts, or — our favorite — just getting the hell away from it all. Contiki is looking to make those solo celebrations even better for 2019 with deeply discounted travel packages through their Singles Awareness Day Special.

This weekend only, Contiki is offering discounts of up to 15 percent on select, singles-friendly trips to some of its most popular destinations. Options include something for every type of traveler: volun-touring in India; island-hopping around Thailand (think stunning beaches, authentic Thai food, and the legendary, hedonistic Full Moon parties); or finding yourself a la a transformative Eat, Pray, Love-style European travel experience complete with Roman gelaterias, hiking Austria’s stunning mountains, and swigging Bavarian brew in a traditional German beer hall.

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Contiki has long been known as the “anti-tour company” tour company. They offer more than 350 unique itineraries around the world with a focus on active tours perfect for young (read under 35) travelers.  While this sale is geared toward single travelers, they offer romantic, couples-friendly tours perfect for V-Day as well. Their “Simply Italy” itinerary, for example, is as romantic and bucket-list-worthy as your S.O. could ever want. The 12-day rendezvous includes everything from pizza-making classes to visiting Italian leather-makers to sipping world-class Chianti at a 16th-century Tuscan winery. For something more active, the “Cape, Safari & Falls” tour will let you and your S.O. tick off Africa’s most iconic highlights. Think trekking alongside the Big 5 in the continent’s famous wildlife preserves, snapping selfies on the rim of Victoria Falls, and living the nightlife in downtown Cape Town.

Contiki’s Singles Awareness Day Special travel discounts are available this week only, from February 14-16. Use discount code TRAVELCRUSH at checkout to score up to $500 off your next getaway.

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