This Aluminum Smart Suitcase from Samsara Luggage is Downright Sexy

samsara luggage

The vast array of available smart luggage has grown exponentially in the last few years. In the not-too-distant future, we’ll look back on luggage without Bluetooth tracking, backup battery packs, and smartphone app integration as quaint and antiquated. Now, another manufacturer, Samsara, is throwing its proverbial hat into the ring. The result is sleek, sexy, and downright James Bond-esque.

Like its competitors, Samsara’s Carry-On smart luggage comes loaded with a bevy of modern, digital-friendly tech. Most notable is an integrated smartphone app with clever security features like the ability to alert the bag’s owner if it’s outside of a certain range or has been opened by someone else. The built-in backup battery is USB compatible and capable of fully charging an average smartphone up to 10 times. The included packing accessories kit — a toiletries bag, garment bag, and folding gym bag — also allows for easy sorting of goods.

Samsara’s Carry-On joins a growing list of high-tech smart luggage, many of which we’ve covered before. Aside from all of its expected tech, however, the suitcase’s shell provides a few additional useful design elements. Built-in LED lighting, for example, illuminates the interior whenever the bag is open in low light, making it easier to rummage through its contents. The sides of the exterior are also designed flat to double as a smart, ergonomic workstation in airports and on-the-go. Plus, the exterior boasts a unique wheel design which not only guarantees a smooth roll on a variety of surfaces, but also increases packing space by four liters.

The smart suitcase’s unique exterior is what really sets it apart. The all-aluminum alloy construction uses a combination of titanium, magnesium, and zinc to ensure a lightweight, durable, and fireproof shell. The anodized coating relies on an electrolytic process that adds strength without additional weight. This layer also protects it against weather and corrosion damage. Because it’s all-aluminum, the Samsara Carry-On is also recyclable (assuming you’d even need to get rid of it).

The Samsara Carry-On is available for pre-order in silver or black on Indiegogo (including the packing accessories kit) for $435 plus shipping (36 percent of the retail price of $690). The project was fully funded as of July 2017, and production suitcases are expected to ship January 2018.