Kurrajong Heights Downhill Grass Karts

kurrajong heights downhill grass karts
If you ever find yourself touring around Australia and looking for something awesome to do, rent yourself a car and drive up to Kurrajong Heights. It’s about an hour’s drive outside of Sydney.

Why here? Because nestled up in the foothills of the mountains, you’ll find Kurrajong Heights Downhill Recreation Park. This place is basically like a giant ski resort covered in grass instead of snow, so rather than strapping yourself to a pair of skis or a snowboard to get down the hill, you charge your way to the bottom on top of a four-wheeled billy kart.

Unlike your average motorized go-kart, these badboys are pretty bare bones. You won’t find a steering wheel or even a proper seat anywhere on ’em, let alone an integrated braking system. Instead, you sit on a deflated tire, steer with your feet, and hold onto your hat. Think Mario Kart, but in real life and with fewer banana peels. The park boasts both beginner and advanced downhill areas, and has runs that stretch up to 400 meters for you to zoom down.

When you hit the bottom, there’s even a mechanical lift system to pull you back to the top for another run. The cost is $20 per person for the first hour, and they offer you a discount for the 2nd hour if one isn’t enough.

Check out this awesome video from DevinSupertramp to see the karts in action.

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