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Delta is making a change that will make cross-country flights so much better

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Delta Interior
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This fall, Delta Air Lines is set to redefine comfort and luxury on domestic transcontinental flights within the United States, announcing that Delta Premium Select will be available on four out of the eleven daily flights between Los Angeles and New York JFK. Beginning September 10, passengers traveling between these two hubs can experience extreme comfort aboard Delta’s Boeing 767s, equipped with four distinct cabin classes: Delta One, Delta Premium Select, Delta Comfort+, and Main Cabin.

This move marks a significant milestone as this is the first time Delta has offered its Premium Select cabin on cross-country flights. Typically, this cabin class is reserved for long-haul, trans-Atlantic flights. These new offerings signify a commitment to providing passengers with a more comfortable journey across the country. 

What is Delta Premium Select?

Delta Airlines airplane
Delta Air Lines

Delta Premium Select is the airline’s premium economy fare class, located between the economy and business cabins. In this cabin, travelers can enjoy several different features and amenities. Here’s an overview of what’s offered:

  • Seating and comfort: Wider seats with additional recline, adjustable footrests and leg rests, memory-foam pillow, noise-canceling headsets, and blankets made from recycled materials.
  • Premium amenities: An amenity kit from Someone Somewhere, containing self-care essentials for a relaxing journey.
  • Dining options: On trips from JFK to LAX, you will receive a curated menu from Union Square Events. From LAX to JFK, the menu options come from Jon & Vinny’s. The dining experience comes with hot towel service and main courses served on plates with linen tableware, napkins, silver flatware, and glassware. 
  • Airport and boarding: Sky Priority service with dedicated check-in and baggage handling, and priority boarding in Zone 2.

“Delta Premium Select will bring a new level of comfort, luxury and practicality to one of Delta’s most important routes in the domestic U.S. as we continue to work to deliver more premium experiences to our customers,” said Maurico Parise, Vice President – Brand Experience Design. “This product has been a success internationally, especially following the recent investments we’ve made onboard, and we know that customers flying between New York and Los Angeles will enjoy the opportunity to treat themselves to a more spacious seat and premium experience.”

How to take advantage of these perks

Delta Airlines airplane flying
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Securing a seat in Delta Premium Select has become even more accessible for SkyMiles Medallion Members, who are now eligible for complimentary upgrades to this premium cabin on domestic flights. The upgrade process mirrors that of Delta’s First Class, with timing and priority based on Medallion status and availability.

Diamond and Platinum Medallion Members enjoy the earliest upgrade opportunities, beginning 120 hours (five days) prior to departure. Gold Medallion Members can access upgrades starting at 72 hours (three days) before departure, while Silver Medallion Members can begin the upgrade process 24 hours before their flight.

For travelers who are not SkyMiles Medallion Members, Delta Premium Select tickets can be purchased at full price through Delta’s website, ensuring that all passengers have the opportunity to experience these enhanced amenities.

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