Kicking It With Timber Joey of the Portland Timbers Soccer Team

timber joey
Portland Timbers

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For this week’s episode of The Manual Podcast, food and drink editor Sam Slaughter and stunning stylist of syllables Greg Nibler sit down for Timber Joey Webber, the mascot of the Portland’s Major League Soccer team, the Timbers.

Having been a sports fan and participant all of his life, Webber became Timber Joey back in 2008, when the Portland team was not even part of the MLS yet (the team was part of the United Soccer League). Webber takes us through how he has seen the team grow, what he does on a daily basis for games, how interest in MLS and the National Women’s Soccer League has grown, and — perhaps most importantly — all of the work he does off the field (and without a chainsaw in his hands).

timber joey
Craig Mitchelldyer/Portland Timbers

There’s a lot more that goes into being a mascot of a professional sports team — especially when you are the literal face and not in costume — and Webber talks about it all.

If you’re a casual soccer fan or you’re die-hard dedicated to a team, then this episode is for you.

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