Zane Lamprey on What it’s Like to Get Paid to Travel the World and Drink

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For this week’s episode of Beards, Booze, and Bacon: The Manual Podcast, the round-table — food and drink editor Sam Slaughter and the apotheosis of a host Greg Nibler — comedian and host of Four Sheets, Zane Lamprey.

For over a decade now, Lamprey has traveled the world as a television show host, learning as he goes and drinking the entire time. From the first pilot (which happened because of an interesting audition) to his newest show, Four Sheets, Lamprey takes the crew through how it all came to be — and how, despite years of doing it, it sometimes still doesn’t feel real.
Along the way, he talks about his connections to Anthony Bourdain, the size of the food and drink television host world, and how some of his friends are surprised that people enjoy his shows. Finally, Lamprey lets the crew know what he’s working on currently, namely, a backpack made for travel (and holding booze), which is currently available on Kickstarter here.

Have you had aspirations of hosting your own show one day? Do you want to be our guide as we explore a new place, drinking and eating our way across it (we promise we’re great guests)? Let us know! If you ever have a question or comment for The Manual podcast folks, give us a shout at — we’re always around! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and keep an eye out for podcast polls so you can join the discussion.

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